It is a fact your body reacts differently to the changing seasons. It is also true that how you react at one age changes as you age and you might find you are more sensitive to the cold in winter, or you might sweat more in the summer. The best winter skincare choices whether you are male or female are about prevention. That is not to say that when your skin becomes chapped or dry there is nothing you can do about it. Of course, take a look at the products for such things here at PricePro Pharmacy. But with better precautions, you can achieve even better results. Depending on where you live, it depends on how cold things get during the winter season. Winter related skin and health issues are a real thing and can even be brutal. Here is a look at why it is like that, as well as treatment and protection steps you can take

Why Winter has the impact it does

There are a few reasons as to why winter is harder on your skin than summer. First of all the air is dryer and that causes several things to happen. The natural body oils you produce will evaporate faster in the dryer conditions and that means your skin is going to dry out more. In the winter you are likely going to be sweating less as well. Sweating in the summer helps brings oil to the skin’s surface and is good for unclogging pores. In the winter your skin does not get that as much.

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Your skin has less of the natural protective coating as people are often less active in the winter so sweat less. That cold air also causes your skin to become tighter and less porous and so you produce less oil too. That feeling of itchiness, tightness and then cracking is the affect winter is having on you. If you spend a long time outside playing or working, that can aggravate the problem.

Stay moisturized

Several dry skin solutions can work on winter skin. But you do not need to wait until you have cracking and bleeding before you work on prevention and solutions. Moisturize often, you need to do this a lot more often than you might in the summer. Using the right cream for winter, and your type of skin is important too. Be disciplined about applying it, sometimes if you commit to a certain routine every day that now includes additional times of moisturizing that can help you remember and stay disciplined.

At the least, you should be doing it once a day. It could be something you do when you get up, or before bed. Better though would be to moisturize with a great lotion a couple of times, and an additional moisturizing time should be after you shower. Towel dry and then while your skin is a little damp still but not wet, apply the lotion or cream and that helps lock the moisture into your skin.

Consider what you are using on your body

What you put on your body is important so try not to just grab the first thing you see. There are scented and unscented options. If you have allergies, unscented is better, if you are male, avoid ones that smell flowery if you prefer not to smell like say roses! There are plenty of creams designed for men to look at. When putting cream on your face it is best to use one specifically designed for the face. Lotions for the body can clog pores which on the face would cause more problems with blemishes and acne.

Protect your skin

As well as getting some great lotions or creams to keep moisturized there are also things you can do to protect your skin better during the winter. These include;

1. Covering up – Covering up is not just about keeping yourself warm. It is a good way to protect your skin from exposure which keeps it healthy. Put on some moisturizer on your hands and put on gloves. If your hands continue to be dry and cracked put on some cream again before you go to bed. For really bad hands you can even put on lanolin or Vaseline then a thin pair of cotton gloves from a drug store. Take a look at PricePro Pharmacy, you are sure to find skin care products for all skin types. The gloves will stop the application from getting on everything as you sleep and during the course of the night it will work into your skin. The sun is still there in winter and it is still possible to get sunburn so covering up protects from that too. Pay special attention to your nose and cheeks. Use polyphenol dark spot diminisher for the dark spots.
2. Look after your lips – Your lips can get really dry and cracked from being out in the winter. The dryness causes people to lick their lips more often and that feels good at first but actually dries them out more quickly. The skin on your lips does not produce as much natural oil either so chapping is a common problem. Apply lip balm often, keep some in different pockets and some at home where it is within reach. You can get tinted ones, flavored ones, scented ones but you can also get just a simple lip balm. Applying Vaseline to your lips before bed can help too.
3. Put on your shades – Shades are not just for summer. That winter glare you get off the snow can keep you squinting and that gives you those wrinkles around the eyes. Put on some shades when you are out and the sun is bright and there is snow on the ground.
4. Stay hydrated – Summer is also not the only time you need to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water as it keeps you moisturized and it is important for your skin. Also using soap or body wash for dry skin will help.


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Taking proper care of your skin is important and not just helps you feel better it helps you look better too. Fit some time into your schedule to add in some measures of protection and prevention and you will see great results. Visit here to see what creams, lotions, lip balms and more you can find to help.