You need not be a neat freak to find uncontrollable dust in house irritating. The fact that you must constantly reduce dust at home can become very tedious, but only if you don’t have the right approach or equipment.

Uncontrollable dust at home can become a pest, especially for people with medical conditions like asthma and allergies. As we know, dust mites are a common allergen to trigger asthma, and they dwell in the dust in your room.

Here is a quick fact: dust is not just dead skin that you shed, but it’s a mixture of many different types of particles. These particles can come from fabrics, carpet, pollen, and dirt that finds its way inside your home. They accumulate over time, forming that nasty grey layer that sits on the top of your furniture.

Clean Carpet

While it’s a fact that dust will never completely go, as a rule, you must always try to keep it at bay. Here are some easy ways to reduce dust in your house.

How to Tame the Uncontrollable Dust in Home?

Dust can only be tamed, unlike usual pests. Since dust is hard to kill, let’s look at all the ways to reduce the amount of dust in your home.

  • Keep your shoe rack closer to the exit

Don’t let the outside forces disrupt your inner peace, by limiting the area that gets affected by dirt every time someone enters your house.

  • Wrap your clothes in plastic bags

The trick is good for organizing your closet as well as reducing the level of dust in your room. The shreds of the clothes become part of the dust, hence wrapping them will reduce the role they in this.

  • Switch to blinders

Curtains may add more color to your room, but they also add to the dust that settles in your house. Beside blinders is a classy alternative to curtains that won’t even add to the pile of dust in your home. So, the choice is pretty clear.

  • Change your beddings regularly

It is advised to change your sheets at least once a week as the accumulation of dead cells encourages the growth of dust mites.

  • Use an air purifier

An air purifier is the ultimate dust buster and a must-have to reduce the dust in your house. It sucks all the particles that end up becoming dust making your room dust-free for longer. The air purifier for dust mites can also make the air more breathable, as it is also effective for smoking odors and allergens in the air.

Air Purifier

Although effective, these tips are not a substitute for cleaning. Regular cleaning is a must to reduce dust in your home.

Here are all the ways to make your cleaning endeavors worth the effort.

The Right Way of Cleaning to Reduce Dust in Your Home

Cleaning is a must, and you must never skip it from your daily chores. The right way to clean will make your efforts worth it. Here are the steps you must follow to reduce the dust in your home.

  • Clean dust off everything: All furniture should be wiped clean with a damp cleaning cloth before one sweeps the floor.
  • Proper sweeping: It is a proven way to remove dust that has existed for centuries. Also, it is one of the simplest ways on the list.
  • Mopping: We know that dust sticks to a damp surface, hence mopping will make sure any dust left behind is cleaned off.
  • Clean rugs and doormats: As these accumulate dust, the dust must be beaten off them daily. Use a carpet beater or broom’s handle to beat off your mats.
  • Maintain your cleaning equipment: Regularly changing brooms and brushes as they become dull and inefficient to clean. Mop and sponges, on the other hand, should be cleaned after usage.

Dust in your home can be as persistent as you, keeping this in mind, plan all your future cleaning spree. Your homes will stay free of dust if you keep dust at bay with regular cleaning and limiting dust formation in your home.

Final Words

We all clean our homes in a desperate attempt to fight off dust every day, and this routine can make us irritable and hopeless. Dust comes back, no matter how hard you clean, all we can do is delay the process. The uncontrollable dust in your home is as strong as the particles that make it.

The key idea is taming this pest by improving the air quality inside your home and reducing the elements that contribute to dust. Say goodbye to your dust problem today, and here is to a clean and healthy home.