Are you planning to install a vinyl pool in your backyard this summer? It’s exciting for everyone. You’ll have your swimming pool to dive in anytime, host pool parties, and spend romantic time with someone special.

But, before you jump the gun and sign a contract with a pool contractor, here are the key things you must know about a vinyl pool. Let’s dive in:

1. Take 4 to 8 Weeks to Build

Compared to the two to three weeks for building a concrete pool, a vinyl pool takes approx four to eight weeks.

So, you have to be ready to let builders work in your backyard with heavy load machinery and equipment. Make sure you have made arrangements for that.

2. Not Pet-Friendly


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We all know dogs and cats have claws, and like every object, sharp objects’ claws can damage the overall aesthetics of a vinyl liner pool. Do you know the surface of the vinyl pool can tear from things like sharp claws, in-pool furniture, or even your toenails?

So, if you have a pet that roams around the house and backyard all day long, then you need to consider installing a pool cover reel that opens and closes the pool with a flick of a button. Therefore, your vinyl liner pool will be safe from those claws of your furry mate.

3. Pool Liner Needs to Be Changed Often

After every five to ten years, the vinyl pool’s liner needs to be changed or sooner depending upon how extensive the damage has been. A liner replacement for a vinyl pool may cost you between $400-500.

Although, it is imperative to note that the vinyl pool is still less expensive to maintain compared to a concrete pool cover.

4. Pool Walls Can Collapse

On a rare occasion, the walls of an old vinyl pool may collapse. It may be caused by the draining of the pool or if you let the water level too low — this one is often dangerous regardless of the type of pool. Nevertheless, a collapsed wall is perhaps the most expensive repair that may incur.

5. Might Not Appear as Nice as You Hoped


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Finally, vinyl pools often don’t look as attractive in appeal as fiberglass and concrete pools. Some homeowners feel that the plastic steps, pool liner, and coping present a shoddy look. All these elements of a vinyl pool are disposable and have to be replaced regularly, which impacts the overall look of the vinyl pool.

Fading of the pool liner because of the direct rays of the sun or extensive chemical use can make your pool look like historical architecture.

However, there is a way to upgrade the look of your vinyl pool and prevent problems such as fading. It is by installing a pool enclosure. It does not only render a fine stroke of class and luxury to your backyard vinyl pool but also deter the sun rays to reach the pool can cause the fading effect. A pool enclosure also reduces your maintenance efforts and costs, as it does not allow dirt, dust, and other contaminants to get into the pool water. Thus, saving your precious pool cleaning time and less chemical consumption.

Final Thought

Īn the end, we’ve put forth some of the prevalent aspects or problems associated with a vinyl liner pool, also we gave the solution to a certain extent. Now the ball is in your court, you have to weigh your options and decide.