For the benefits of durability, comfort, and design, it’s easy to see why leather is such a sought-after upholstery choice for sofas. It’s no question that leather is the way to go, but with so many choices, it is challenging to find the right couch. Here are six features to help you find your leather sofa. If you already have an idea of what a leather couch suits for your living room, then order here.


1. The Type Of Leather

There are two main types of leather: full grain and split grain. Full-grain is stronger than split-grain, and split-grain contains an inside layer that matches the exterior. Full-grain uses the entire skin.

2. Leather Couch Tanning Methods

The tanning processes influence how the hides feel, how sturdy they stay, and the appearance of the leather couch. There are four main types of tanning techniques: aniline, semi-aniline, pigmented and bonded.

Here is a breakdown of each tanning method and its components:

● Aniline leather is dyed inside a drum, allowing the dye to seep through the leather completely.

● Aniline has the softest finish of all tanning techniques

● Aniline dying process leads to bolder colors

● Semi-aniline is dyed in a drum and includes a coating for stain resistance.

● Pigmented leather means that the color is applied to the skin’s exterior only. This method also provides scratch protection.

● Bonded leather is a form of upholstery whereby split-grain leather is added to a plastic or vinyl foundation.

Your hide tanning choices will either help or hinder the longevity of your couch based on your lifestyle. If you want to have your dog on your leather couch, for instance, choose leather options that protect against scratches.

3. Strong Framework And Couch Size

The durability of your leather couch is dependent on its frame construction. Leather needs to breathe, so stick to wide frames that accommodate a natural give. Choose wood or steel to support the upholstery. Kiln-dried wood is optimal, as it provides a non-slip environment for the leather.

4. High Resilience Cushions

Your couch will last longer if your seat cushions can adjust to constant movement. Look for High Resilience cushions made of foam and a pocketed coil for flexibility. These leather couch cushions are wrapped in polyethylene terephthalate to add a protective layer and seat comfort.

5. The Leather Grade

The grade assigned to the leather is based on the money spent on raw material—the cheaper the hide, the lower the leather grade. If you’re looking for a long-lasting leather couch, choose options with higher grades.

6. Presence Of Patina

Patina refers to the visible signs of aging leather that add to the richness and softness of the leather. Evidence of lines and smoothness indicate aging. Patina is a style preference, so consider whether you want to buy a couch that will age now or later.

The Main Takeaway

Finding the right couch boils down to three essential things: consideration of your lifestyle, your design preferences, and the quality of the material. When you’re couch shopping especially on online stores like Shop Abunda, ask about the above six features to find the leather sofa that’s right for you.