Your house needs an improvement, but where do you begin? What about an exterior house renovation that would offer you the most joy in returning to your home each day?

No matter whether you have a modern or a classic home, there are minor and significant adjustments you may make, from the windows and cladding to the color of your front door and your patio.

Having a few days off over the weekend is an excellent opportunity to get started on an essential home landscaping project, and you’ll be amazed at how much of a difference it can make.

While some exterior home renovation projects may be expensive and time-consuming, many DIY enhancements can make your house look fantastic without a considerable investment. Here are seven quick fixes that will make your home seem brighter, more appealing, and more welcoming!

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1. Repaint the Front Door

First impressions are formed at the front entrance; thus, a fresh color scheme is critical.

Even if you believe that the color of your front door has more to do with the aesthetics of your house than your own sense of style, consider the many benefits of a vibrant entryway. The color of your main doorway reveals a lot about your personality, and it may also leave a lasting impact on visitors.


It’s common knowledge that you should take your front door off its hinges before painting it, although this isn’t always necessary. You may instantly improve the look of your home’s exterior by painting the front door yourself without taking it down.

You don’t even need special preparation or particular clothes for that task. All you have to do is pick a color, wear a comfy patriotic T-shirt and begin improving the appearance of your entrance!

2. Refresh Your Patio with a New Furniture Set

It’s a frequent benefit of having a patio to relax and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Relaxing on the terrace is a terrific way to get away from the stresses of the day and enjoy the company of loved ones.

For a more expensive and sophisticated appeal, you might use hardwood furniture on your patio. To make it look one-of-a-kind, add a few wood pieces like chairs, a table, and perhaps a swing by using a masonry contractor in Washington DC services.

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Using soft cushions and electric blankets for your swing or furniture is also a great idea, especially on rainy and chilly days. Just imagine: It’s raining, you’re relaxing on the porch swing with a hot cup of coffee and a warm blanket while watching your favorite show. Isn’t it a joy to be here?

In order to cut costs, you might even make your own furniture! For any DIY project, ensure you have the necessary equipment, like a grinding machine with diamond grinding wheels.

3. Pave a Path

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With various hard materials, including cast concrete and clay tiles, bricks, and cut stone, pavers are a reasonably affordable way to change an exterior. Even if you don’t have the resources or time to build a complete patio, even a little pathway may be accomplished by the majority of homeowners.

4. Freshen Up Your Front Door Railings

Adding new railings is a critical component of any home makeover. When it comes to landscape renovation, this is a common issue. Your front door railings are an essential aspect of your house exterior, so refinishing or replacing them is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Whether you have wrought iron railings, wooden ones, glass ones, or aluminum ones, maintaining them is essential in order to preserve your home and keep its look modern.

Wooden Railings

With its innate beauty, wood doesn’t require a lot of extra attention to stand out. If you have wooden ones, consider staining or repainting them to match the staircase and the rest of the decor.

Glass Railings

Glass is an excellent choice for modern and contemporary railings. To remedy this, all you need to do is wipe the glass to avoid obstructing the view. Isn’t it simple? We promise it will make them seem brand new!

Wrought Iron Railings

With its traditional and beautiful style, you’ve most likely seen this material being used for railings. Staircases made of wrought iron have a more refined appearance and are ideal for achieving a more vintage aesthetic. So, if you’re looking to freshen up your entrance door, opt for iron!

5. Add Plants and a Doormat

In addition to the indoor plants you probably have, your front entrance also needs some love and style.

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Even whether you’ve got a gloomy porch, a sunny entry, or ever some brilliant, vibrant flowers, the appropriate plants can breathe a little additional life into your house before you even go inside. So, you might consider putting one on both sides of your front door or maybe even creating a mini garden of more than two flowers.

If you don’t already have one, you should also consider adding a modern doormat. It is a simple outdoor item that combines both function and style. Choose a sturdy one that can withstand the weather and provide a welcoming entrance for family members and guests.

6. Add Extra Lighting

Even if you don’t plan to use the lights during the day, they will provide a pleasant aura to the doorway at night. Choose a spot that will draw the most attention, perhaps by the front or the garage door or on a path to the house.

LED Can Lights

Illuminating the landscape is another option if you’ve put in a lot of effort in the garden. Just place solar-powered lights in your garden, and they’ll be ready to light up your plants at night in no time.

7. Update the Details

Updating little things like lighting fixtures, shutters, and house numbers after you’ve done the major work will save you money and help you achieve a stunning home’s exterior. An excellent place to start is with the lock on your front entrance door and your mailbox. You may want to consider metal finishes or beautiful lighting for your garage.

The Take-Away

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The outside of your house is just as important as the inside when it comes to aesthetics. Even though we tend to ignore it after we’ve moved in, the appearance of a home from the outside is critical whether you’re attempting to improve the house’s look or sell it for a better price.