LUXXU launched a new book with a compilation of luxury houses around the world. The brand continues to be a reference in the furniture and lighting industry, with unique designs that represent a luxury state of mind experience.

To speak about progress and innovation, it’s crucial to approach the source of that success, and LUXXU has a very solid one – unique craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and a hawk-eye when it comes to detail.


With these powers in hand, the brand manages to grow and inspire all the clients and followers with incredible design creations and breathtaking projects.

Some were chosen to integrate LUXXU’s vibrant Book of Luxury Houses! In this guide, the reader can find unique projects like the Parisian Apartment, the Industrial New York Loft, the Eclectic Deluxe Villa by Nada Shehab, the Enigmatic Cairo House by Noura Faris, the Opulent Sydney Hotel, and others.


All of them showcase the brand’s identity and the luxurious universe that clients can achieve when decorating their houses with LUXXU’s design pieces.

The common word throughout the dwellings is opulence, however, the design company was capable to absorb the city’s most predominant cultures and embody them into different typologies, like apartments, houses, villas, mansions, or hotels, making them unique.


At the end of the day, the best recognition is the client’s affection and loyalty, which is the key source of success for any brand.

This epitome of opulent vibes is an impressive journey that starts with the brand’s latest luxury project:

The Enigmatic Cairo House

A Luxurious Egyptian Reverie


LUXXU’s newest Cairo House, designed by Noura Faris, is an Egyptian world between walls.
The ground colors remind us of the sand, the fluted walls evoke the Giza Necropolis natural erosion, and the gold accents take us to the wonders of Khan El Kalili market. All of it with an inspiring lighting selection that provides a poetic flair.


This project represents a luxurious haven in the chaos of traffic and the people of Cairo – the home for more than 9 million individuals. LUXXU’s house with Noura Faris is worth adding as a monument to the open-air museum patrimony that this city represents.
This partnership, between LUXXU and the Cairene interior designer, culminated in a welcoming Egyptian-inspired dwelling, with the usual enigmatic feeling of the City of a Thousand Minarets. The client will feel like a true Pharaoh.


LUXXU’s Empire is shaping its future by setting trends with timeless pieces and refined elegance. Lighting was the start of a luxury journey stating itself as classic with a modern twist. Today, a new epoch unveils at LUXXU. Daring ambiances are an everlasting aesthetic language shared by every element. LUXXU now allows you to create those ambiances as the brand uncovers a crucial imperial complement, a Furniture Collection. Offering resembling noble materials and finishes where customization blossoms as brand capital. Be our guest and get inspired by a distinctive collection of timeless pieces.


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