Did you know that a turnoff for home-buyers is a flawed floor? Consider fixing any uneven floors to improve your home’s resale value.

Are you wondering how to level a concrete floor? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over the best way to level concrete floor.

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Mark the Uneven Spots on Your Concrete Floor

Use chalk to mark all the low and high spots on your floor. You can mark the bumps with one symbol and the dips with another symbol.

Sweep the floor with a carpenter’s level to find any other dips. You can do this by working in small sections across the floor. Lay your carpenter’s level on the concrete floor to see if the floor is level or not.

Grind High Spots With a Concrete Grinder

To get rid of high spots on your concrete floor, consider working with a concrete grinder. Rent a concrete grinder at your local home hardware store. Make sure you put on eye protection before using this tool, as well as a face mask.

Start the engine on the grinder and place the disc flat on the high spot. Move the tool front to back or side to side until the bump levels. Grind down your high spots with this tool. Vacuum the debris with a shop-vac.

Use Concrete Leveler Primer

You’ll want to pick up a concrete leveler primer to your concrete floor. Use a soft-bristle push broom to spread the primer across the entire surface. Use downward pressure to make sure the primer goes into the pores of the concrete.

Smooth out puddles of primer, so you have an even coat. If you don’t have a push broom, you can use a long-handled paint roller and pour the primer in a paint tray.

Level the Concrete Floor

Pick up a self-leveling compound for your uneven floor. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and don’t skip steps.

Try to buy more product than you think you will need. You’ll need to complete the job in one session and won’t have the flexibility to pick up more.

Concrete Floor

Organize this project and have all your tools ready to use. You’ll only have up to 20 minutes to work when you begin to pour the self-leveling compound.

Most people apply self-leveling at a quarter of an inch or a bit thicker. This way, it will cover the divots and tiny cracks, while compensating for small hills.

Begin this job in one corner and pour the mixture over the entire floor. Start at the corner that’s furthest from the door, so you don’t get stuck. It should take a couple of hours to dry.

Learn more about how to fix your uneven concrete floors. Rhino Foundation Systems explores how concrete lifting can fix uneven floors.

Now You Know More About How to Level a Concrete Floor

We hope this guide on concrete floor leveling was helpful. Now that you know how to level a concrete floor pick up the self-leveling compound.

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