How a Countertop Water Filter Operates

Countertop Water Filters are in demand since most people prefer taking water that is free of contaminants. Drinking water directly from the tap is harmful because the water may be containing pollutants like chlorine, fluorine, barium and others, which are a health hazard to the body. Water filters help in purifying water and getting rid of present contaminants thus, making it safe for drinking.

Countertop Water Filters are located on top of the counter next to the sink with a diverter tube attached to the sink faucet, which helps divert incoming water away from the faucet into the filter. The incoming water passes through the filter, and filtration occurs through the cartridges coming out through the filter’s faucet and back into the sink. The filter comes with one or more replaceable filter cartridges.

Clean Water

Strengths of Countertop Water Filter

Countertop Water Filters are easy to install – Unlike other water filters like under sink filters, whose installation requires a professional, this type of filters are easy to install requiring no plumbing experience or knowledge.

There is no need for an extra tap – Countertop Water Filters don’t require installing an additional filter to your existing tap. Fixing an extra tap to your sink may cause damage and problems to your sink, making it ineffective.

Countertop Water Filters help boost water’s properties – Filtered water is free from contaminants and disease-causing germs; hence is safe for human consumption. Besides, the filter helps in removing bad smells and odors in water.

Use of Countertop Water Filter is economical – Installing countertop filters in your household will help cut on budget. You can save the money used in purchasing bottled water for other useful things since the filters can serve you for a long time.​

Water filtered using Countertop water filters tastes better – The filter eliminates foul odors and smells from substances like chlorine and fluorine present in water. Bad smells and odors can turn off people’s urge to use water and look for alternative sources of clean water safe for human use.

Countertop water filters require minimal filter changes and maintenance – These filters save you money and time because they are effective, efficient and durable. You don’t have to keep on fixing and replacing broken parts like the filter cartridges.

Water from Countertop water filters is healthy – Filtration gets rid of germs, contaminants like barium, chlorine and fluoride, among others. These pollutants cause various body illnesses when absorbed into the digestive system. Drinking filtered water benefits you with essential minerals that regular tap water may lack.

Filtered water is vital in supporting children’s physical development – Children are at risk of getting diseases since they don’t have a robust immune system. Installing a countertop water filter system in your household provides you with clean and safe water free from disease-causing germs and other pollutants.

Installing countertop water filters is an ideal way of boosting water properties – Removal of harmful contaminants helps make the water safe for drinking through the purification process.

Portability – Countertop water filters are easy to carry along wherever you go and enjoy clean water at your comfort. In case you want to relocate to a new place, the filter is easy to disconnect from the tap.

Countertop water filters provide eco-friendly water – The environment is not affected by countertop filters because the system provides clean and fresh water free from pollutants. People who use bottled water pollute the environment by disposing of plastics anywhere, a material that is not biodegradable.

Storage space – Countertop water filters have a convenient design suit for any space in your home when not in use. The different colors and shapes are an ideal suit for any room storage.

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Limitations of Countertop Water Filters

Despite the countertop filters providing affordable, cheap, easy and efficient services, their function is limited to certain weaknesses. A browse through will provide you a detailed report of the suitability of the countertop water filters. Some of the related shortcomings include the following;

They are not a perfect fit for home aesthetics – People who love seeing their kitchen correctly and always looking good will not prefer installing countertop water filters. Whole house filters or under the sink are preferred for kitchen fittings since they are underneath where people cannot quickly identify them.

Single point filtration – Unlike whole house filter that serves our entire household, countertop filters are only installed in a single sink. Using these types of filters may not provide you ultimate results if its operations are centered on one specific area.

Efficiency level – Countertops filters will not eliminate all contaminants likely to be found in the water. They are not an excellent fit for bigger households that require an extensive water outlet system to run their operations.