It does not matter whether you want to fix your old driveway or construct a new one. Asphalt will be one of the most critical components. You will have a stable driveway with proper asphalt resurfacing since it will be as durable as concrete. In case you have been wondering about the essential components of the asphalt itself, it is made of bitumen, stone, and sand. The petroleum material is black, sticky, and semi-solid. Also, it includes sand. When mixed together, these components transform into asphalt used to construct walkways, roads, driveways, parking plots, etc.

Before we get into the pros and cons of asphalt driveways, you should know that asphalt components cause flexibility. Hence, it is less likely to crack as compared to concrete. Asphalt, however, also tends to get extremely hot during the blazing summer days. Let us consider some other aspects of asphalt before determining whether asphalt is a good option for your driveway.

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What is an Asphalt Driveway made of?

The blacktop driveway usually concludes liquid asphalt turned into concrete with sand, small stone chips, asphalt cement, and gravel. It also includes petroleum that is similar to tar. If you want to replace your old driveway, you will start with the layer of a well-drained base. This base will be of up to 8-inches and include granular fill as the driveway’s solid foundation. On top of this basic layer comes a 3-inches layer of hot and fresh asphalt. Subsequently, this layer of asphalt will get compacted with the help of a steamroller.

Depending on the temperature and the asphalt, you will be able to use your newly constructed asphalt driveway immediately after it has been complicated. Compared to the asphalt driveway, a driveway made with asphalt can take up to one week to cure and get solid enough to be used.

Maintenance of the Asphalt Driveway

Assuming that you have successfully installed an asphalt driveway, you will want to ensure that it lasts for a long time. In case it does not last long, it indicates that the asphalt surface lacked proper maintenance. Suppose you are looking forward to implementing certain steps for the proper maintenance of the asphalt. In that case, you will have to ensure that the driveway is cleaned at least twice a year. For the cleaning purpose, it is recommended to use a sturdy and stiff broom. You will also need a powerful hose spray to remove dirt and debris sticking to the asphalt surface.

For a long-lasting asphalt driveway, make sure to seal-coat it at least once in two years. Seal-coating the driveway will maintain its water-resistance. If you find holes and cracks in the asphalt, you will have to have them repaired as soon as possible. A variety of asphalt repair material is available in the markets and online stores that will help you with asphalt resurfacing.

With proper care and maintenance, you can expect the asphalt driveway to last at least 20 years. However, the answer to how long an asphalt driveway is set to last also depends on other factors. For instance, the quality of the asphalt and your surroundings’ climate has a substantial impact on maintaining the asphalt driveway. Like other things in life, the better you care about your driveway, the more likely it will last.

Choosing a Contractor for Asphalt Resurfacing

Asphalt resurfacing is typically performed by specializing contractors who are familiar with the techniques and asphalt resurfacing equipment. Nonetheless, before you call up one, make sure to inquire about the prospective thickness of the bases and the components.