Most homeowners overlook the vital part windows play in the general comfort of their homes. Almost everyone overlooks the importance of regular window maintenance. Most people think that if the windows look okay, they will provide you with security, functionality, and performance new windows would.

Even perfect-looking windows may be hiding away common signs of deterioration and aging. This may lead to decreased security and efficiency of their performance. Aging windows also lead to increased energy bills and are hazardous to your household.

Do you know above mentioned are some of the signs for which you need to contact best window company in Hamilton. Read on below to understand the tell-tale signs that your windows need replacement:

1. High Energy Bills

Increased energy bills are one of the most common signs of window deterioration. Ill-fitting and lack of proper insulation may cause your AC unit and furnace to work harder to maintain an optimal temperature in your house.

Research has shown that over 25%-30% of the heat contained in your house is lost due to deteriorating and aging windows. Fortunately, installing energy-efficient windows can help you save up to 45% on your energy bills. This can help you save around $126-%523 every year on energy bills.

Most homeowners find out about the poor condition of their windows during the cold months. When it’s winter and your insulation is poor, your house may feel quite cold, despite the heating unit working to heat your house. This problem often comes from wind drafts.

2. You Feel Extremely Cold During Winter

Have you noticed that your house is extremely cold and uncomfortable during the winter months despite your heating efforts? This could be a telltale sign that your window’s insulation is compromised. During winter, the cold is likely to pass through your compromised windows, draining out all the heat produced by your furnace.

This leads to a cold and chilly household, mainly resulting from wind drafts. Wind drafts are caused by age. As the window experiences normal wear and tear, small gaps form between the stiles, sills, glass panes, and jambs.

Aluminium Windows

Use the below steps to locate drafts on your windows:

• Use the back of your hand and run it around the window framing
• Listen for any whistling or whooshing sounds coming from the cracks
• Feel for any breeze or cool air passing through the cracks
• Use a lit candle and hold it 2 inches away from the windows
• Look for any flickering of the frame resulting from cool air

If you notice flickering of the frame or feel a cool breeze brush through your hand, you may have found your drafts. Use silicone caulk on the areas where the draft is coming from.

If you have wooden frames, the drafts may open and close with seasonal temperature changes. This leads to the loosening of the grip between the window parts. After numerous years of use, drafts can also occur between side jambs and stiles, primarily if the lower window is slightly open.

3. Window Is Difficult to Close or Open

Ill-fitted windows could cause drafts and other severe problems. If you notice difficulty operating your windows, it may be time to contact a window professional.

There are many reasons why your window may be difficult to operate. Some of these reasons include:

• Poorly and wrongly installed windows
• The sash windows don’t open and close easily due to poor alignment
• Paint
• Installing poor-quality uPVC profile system
• Shifting of the foundation of your home, leading to ill-fitting of the window frame


If your windows are difficult to operate due to any of the above reasons, installing a new window is the only solution. Ensure you examine your windows for any signs of visible gaps between the sill and the frame. You can also opt for tilt-and-turn windows instead of the traditional windows for their greater resistance.

4. Your Windows Are Leaking

A leaking window is a sign that you need urgent replacement. Leaking occurs due to bad window sealant, or glass seals, sealing gaps, wrongly-aligned window sash, and cracks in the wall. However, bad seals don’t always mean that the water is leaking into your home through the window.

A leaking window is a sign that it has lost its insulating power, which will result in high energy bills and reduced efficiency. Examine the following elements to confirm if your window is leaking:

• The bottom rails
• Window sill
• Glass seals
• Signs of condensed water around the window
• The top of the window frame


If you notice that your windows often have condensed water on them, it could be a sign that you need a window replacement. Remember to check whether the condensation forms between the two glass panes. This could be a sign that the seals are eroded and your window is leaking.

5. You Have Single Pane Windows

Do you know if your house was built before 1970? Are you still retaining the original windows? If you are, the windows are likely to have single-pane glass.

A single-pane glass lacks most features that the modern triple and double-pane glazing windows have. They are also susceptible to draft, insecurity, and reduced energy efficiency. Single-pane glass windows affect the thermal performance of your house and lack visual appeal, making your house look dull and old.

Aluminium Windows

If you are unsure of the type of windows you have, there is a simple confirmation method. Check the inner edge of your window. Confirm if there are two panes of glass that are separated by a small spacer system.

If you see a spacer system, then your window is a double plane. However, if there is no spacing, you have a single glazed window, and it’s time to consider a replacement. Search for replacement windows near me to find the best window installer in your area.

6. Your Windows Are Worn Out

A worn-out window is easy to spot. Poor-quality windows will discolor, break and start peeling off with time. If you have uPVC windows, you may notice that their color changes to a yellowish or light brown as they age.

Ensure you contact the professional for a proper diagnosis and potential window replacement. Worn-out windows are easy to break into, leaving your home’s security compromised.

7. Your Windows Are Hard to Clean

Your windows’ lifespan can be reduced by half if you don’t take care of them during the first ten years after installation. Unfortunately, different types of windows make cleaning and maintenance a difficult and sometimes even dangerous task.

Cleaning a window in a building requires you to use a ladder to clean inaccessible parts. Cleaning such hard-to-reach parts is done at the risk of your safety. If your window is hard to clean, consider swapping it for newer windows that offer maintenance-free profiles.

You can also opt for tilt-and-turn windows with a flexible opening that allows you to gain access to the outer side of the pane. This helps you easily clean the window without putting your life at risk.

8. Your Windows’ Replacement Parts Are No Longer In the Market

Are your windows’ parts discontinued? Whether it’s a cracked cap or a broken hinge, sometimes manufacturers may stop producing window parts due to special models and the age of the windows. If specialists are unable to fix your windows, it may be time for a replacement.

If your window is broken and requires a part that’s no longer in the market, you may only have two options. The easiest is to replace the window with a new window or do a CAD drawing, then use a 3D printer to scan and print the drawing of the broken part.

9. Your Windows Are Not Soundproof

Most often, the sounds of singing birds don’t always signify a peaceful and enjoyable morning the way movies portray it. This is especially true if there is a loud noise from outside traffic mixed with a soft chorus of the birds.

Researchers have proven that loud noise, also considered noise pollution, harms an individual’s psychological and physical health. If your windows are not soundproofed, ensure you contact a window installer to replace them for you.

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Even if you consider triple-glazing your windows, they may not be completely soundproof. That’s because two or three-pane glasses may intensify the surface vibrations and noise if they are not treated appropriately.

For this reason, it’s advisable to contact a professional to inspect your floors, walls, and windows. This way, the contractor will detect sound leaks and advise on the best solution to avoid noise pollution in your home.

Are You Ready to Contact a Window Installer?

Have you noticed any of the above window problems? No matter how old or new your house is, window problems may still occur. You may find yourself in need of replacement windows even when your house is new.

While some issues may be straightforward, others require the diagnosis of a professional. Contact a window installer in case you notice any of the issues listed above.

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