The style and design of architecture have been constantly changing over the years and it has adapted various things over time. Architectural cladding and use of panels have become very common in today’s architectural designs. These are being used in house renovation projects and it makes the exterior visually attractive. You can find them very common in the residential construction projects but now architectural cladding is also being used in big commercial projects and it has become very popular.

In most of the cases, the architects try to make their construction project look unique and modern. Also, they opt for architectural cladding for this. It gives the buildings a unique appearance and if you are wondering about the popular cladding designs in 2019, you shouldn’t miss this article.

Metal Cladding

Architectural Cladding

In general, metal cladding is for industrial use and is rarely seen metal cladding in residential buildings. Metal cladding gives you a distinctly industrial look that draws the attention easily. Wherever architectural cladding is used for bigger construction projects, architects try to make it unique as much as possible and the metal cladding gives you desired finish that also gives an industrial feel at the same time.

Wooden Cladding

Architectural Cladding

The wooden cladding has become popular in recent years and a large number of people prefer using wooden ones to get a unique look. Wooden cladding can be described as a great alternative to the conventional materials and it is sustainable. Many people invest in these cladding during house renovation and it gives a stylish look and other benefits at the same time. An expert should be consulted before the final choice is made.

Ceramic Cladding

Use off ceramic tiles or terracotta is an ancient practice and ceramic cladding is very similar to that. Ceramic cladding is one of the most popular architectural cladding that is being used in residential and commercial construction projects. The rain screen cladding gives you a distinct look and it also helps in protecting the structure for external damages. If you are looking for the most popular cladding in 2019, this is the exact one.

Concrete Cladding

Architectural Cladding

Various materials are used for architectural cladding and if you are searching for the most common type of architectural cladding, concrete cladding can be described as one of them. Manufacturers focus on making precast concrete panels and then it can be used for various purposes. The best thing about concrete cladding is that one can customize the shape and use it for a unique exterior.

Stone Cladding

Architectural Cladding

In case you are looking for a unique design to attract the attention of the viewers, the stone cladding will be a good idea. Stone architectural cladding is practical and cost-efficient and it also gives a classic look that will help you get a distinct identity in reality. It also gives you a classic look that will last for decades.

Classic Brick Cladding

Classic brick cladding can be described as one of the most classic designs and readers must have seen this type of cladding in many places. Brick cladding gives your house a unique look and those who search for cheaper alternatives of cladding should check this type. Nowadays buyers can get colorful bricks and you can make patterns or designs to enhance the visual appeal of your exterior.

These are some of the most popular designs of architectural cladding and we hope readers have got an idea about it. This type of cladding gives you a clear design and hence it has become popular over the years. Besides, architectural cladding is also available in various colors that make it suitable for various architectural designs