Fragrances can elevate your home into that great-smelling dwelling place. You can use different scents together to get the fragrance symphony for your home. Each scent is a note that when combined with others, gives you a symphony.

Here are some of the exquisite fragrances that can help you elevate your home.

Home Fragrances

Home fragrance comes in different types, all of which you can use to make your home smell great. They also make the home feel refreshing, welcoming, and clean. You can choose the fragrance you want for your home such as Jasmine, lavender, rose, or others.

You can introduce fragrances in your home using essential oils, reed diffusers, scented candles, and room sprays.

Examples of home fragrances are Perfum Regis inspired by St. Regis and contains white lily, quince, and cherry blossom fragrances. Also, there is Saint Tropez with citrus, mango, and sandalwood scents.

Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers provide another way to make your home smell great and you to feel relaxed. The diffusers come in various scents and you can choose those that meet your needs.

For example, you can place a lavender, rose, and evergreen diffuser in your bedroom to get that relaxing feel or you can place the reed diffuser inspired by St. Regis in your living room.

The diffusers allow scents to diffuse into the air continuously. They consist of a fragrance oil which is usually a base solution mixed with essential oils. They also have the reed sticks which disperse the fragrance and a vessel which is made of glass and that holds the reeds and oil.

The reeds absorb the oil and disperse it to the surroundings when it evaporates. You can place reed diffusers in the bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, office, or entryways.

Fragrance of Incense

Room Sprays

Room sprays introduce new scents to your surroundings immediately after you spray them and last for a few hours.

You can spray your room with the scent you desire such as the Paris Room Spray with scents of bergamot, Jasmine, or vetiver; Perfum Regis Room Spray inspired by St. Regis Hotel among others.

To make the effects of your room spray last longer, you can use it with a matching scented candle. Light the candle at the same time you spray. By the time the room spray wears off, the candle’s scent starts to pick up.

Another trick to make your room spray last longer is to spray it on the fabrics such as cushions and curtains.


Another way to elevate your home with exquisite fragrances and improve your mental health is by aromatherapy. Did you know you can use it to improve health matters such as stress, anxiety, and sleep problems?

Aromatherapy uses scents from essential oils obtained from leaves, roots, or seeds from plants. Each of the ingredients has its use. For example lavender, lemon, sandalwood, bergamot, and rose are known to relieve stress, depression, and anxiety.

Some of the scents available are calm aromatherapy, creative, focus, recovery, and energy aromatherapy.

Scented Candles

Scented candles can elevate the atmosphere in your home with their nice fragrances. The scent is released from the candle when the fragrance evaporates. The candles have many benefits that include improving mental health well being such as reducing stress, improving mood, improving sleep, and helping with relaxation.

Examples of scented candles are the Celuia Candle inspired by the Hotel South Beach with scents of leather, cinnamon, and vetiver. There is also the Lavande Rose Candle with rose, lavender, and evergreen scents.

You can choose candle scents with the fragrances that you desire given that there many types of scents in the market.

Elevating your home with exquisite fragrances means using different types of scents as notes and using them to create a fragrance symphony.  You can use home fragrances, reed diffusers, scented candles, and aromatherapy; alone or together.