Being a proud homeowner is not without a few responsibilities, and keeping your property, and your family safe is just one of them. However, some of the most common home security mistakes include things like forgetting to arm the security system before leaving the house and forgetting to lock the doors before settling into bed for the evening. As a result, it is vital to develop the following habits to be a security-conscious homeowner and heighten your home security effectively.

Changing Security System Passcodes Regularly

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Once you have installed a home security system, you will need to set login credentials that will be used for service calls and system maintenance. These credentials include a passcode that can arm and disarm the system. While forgetting your credentials can a massive problem, not changing your credentials can put your home at risk of a break-in. Instead, you should develop the habit of changing your passcodes at least every six months.

Remembering To Arm The System

Your security system will only work when armed. Forgetting to arm security systems before leaving the property is an exceptionally common mistake that will leave your home exposed at the worst of times. Therefore, developing the habit of remembering to arm your system is crucial to keeping your property secure. If you are having trouble creating the habit of remembering, you should place memo notes strategically around your home to remind you when to arm the system. Great places to keep bright colored memo notes with reminders include on the back of your front door, near your keys, or in your car.


Replacing Bulbs In Outside Lights

Outside sensor lights are extremely beneficial to home security as they can effectively deter intruders by turning on when movement is detected. These lights are also inexpensive to purchase and maintain. Unfortunately, outside lighting can be easy to forget. Instead of neglecting this vital component of home security, it will be best to develop the habit of replacing the bulbs in all your outdoor lights every year and checking them twice yearly. You can also consider making use of smartphone reminders to keep up to date with this small maintenance effort.

Self-Testing Your Security System

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Self-testing is an excellent practice, even though it should not replace regular maintenance of your security system. You can self-test once a month to enjoy the peace of mind knowing your home is secure. Self-testing can include pressing panic-buttons to assess the security systems response time and a few other essential practices. Developing the habit of testing your system will let you rest easy knowing that the security system and the service you are signed up to are functioning as they should. A security system can only keep your home protected if it is working the way it should.d For this reason, regular maintenance is just as essential as having a security system installed. So be sure to set reminders for maintenance and self-testing practices to maximize your home security.