If you have hard surface floors, using a mop is one of the most effective ways to get these areas clean.

In order to ensure the best results, it’s important to know about the different types of mops available and how to use them properly.

Read on to discover more about a variety of mops as well as mopping techniques for a clean and sanitary home or business.

Flat Mops

You see flat mops in many places including schools and hospitals, but they’re also popular for home use. These mops use a rectangular flat head that covers a lot of space at once.

Use flat mops for quick, daily cleanings thanks to their easy setup and smooth use. When you use a flat mop, pay attention to corners, and gently push the corners of the mop directly into tight spaces. When it comes to easy storage and a great price, flat mops are a wise option for quick chores.

Mopping with Steam

For tough stains and sticky floors, a steam mop will get the job done fast. These mops use a refillable tank that uses heated water to create warm steam that helps to remove stubborn stains and scuffs.

To use a steam mop, fill the tank with water and allow it to heat up. Use the trigger to release the steam through the mop pad and directly onto the floor. These mops will help you “loosen up” sticky messes, and they’re also a great option to help you sanitize and disinfect floors.

String Mops

When it comes to excellent scrubbing power, steam mops are one of the best types of mops you can buy. These highly absorbent mops are excellent if you need to get deep into corners, but they’re also a little more challenging to clean.

When you use a string mop, make sure you wring out excess water and cleaning solution before applying the mop to the floors. While they don’t hold up quite as well as other mops, they’re still a popular option for a lot of people thanks to their low price and amazing cleaning abilities.

Dust Mops

With their versatile design, dust mops can clean more than just your floors. Use a dust mop to wipe down walls, clean off ceiling fans, and remove grime from light fixtures.

You’ll find dust mops made of soft microfiber and most feature a long handle so it’s easy to get to cobwebs in the upper corners of a room.

Other materials include synthetic cloth and lambswool, and these mops are sometimes washable for easy maintenance and reuse. Apply water or a cleaning solution to get the best, most effective results.

Making These Types of Mops Work for You

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Whether it’s a dirty kitchen floor or a dusty ceiling fan, with these types of mops, cleanup anywhere should be a breeze. Understanding how to maintain your mop will help it to last longer and you’ll be able to get a more effective clean.

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