When it comes to hardwood flooring, many different types of finishes can be applied. Some people prefer the traditional look and feel of natural wood floors, while others want a modern appearance. Engineered hardwoods offer the best of both worlds: they have a rich, deep finish that is sheen-resistant and easy to clean. In this article, we will discuss how to clean engineered wood flooring.

Let’s take a look at these cleaning tips.

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1. Clear Debris

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove loose particles of dust, lint, and pet hair. Vacuum along the direction of the grain on all floors, paying particular attention to any areas where debris seems concentrated or has accumulated since your last vacuuming. To get right underneath furniture that sits on top of hardwood flooring, use a crevice tool attachment with an extendable hose (i.e., wand).

This will enable you to reach into small nooks and crannies where dirt can accumulate from pieces of clothing or toys that fall off tables or shelves onto the ground below.

2. Wet Your Mop

Wet mopping is an old-school method for cleaning floors, but it’s still very effective when done correctly. The first thing you need to do is wet your mop and then spray some more water across the floor. You’ll want to use enough so that droplets are running down into cracks between boards. This way, you’re making sure all floor parts get cleaned and don’t miss anything important like corners, edges, or under furniture.

Fold your mop in half and use this to scrub the floor. When you’re done, wring out the water entirely before going to another section of the floors.

3. Use Simple Green Multi-Surface Floor Care To Clean Your Floors

Simple Green Multi-Surface Floor Care cleans and deodorizes all types of floors, including engineered hardwood. It’s a great way to get the most out of your investment without having to buy multiple products for different floor surfaces. Pour it into a spray bottle, shake well, then spray on any surface area you want to clean.

You’ll need at least one or two bottles per room if you have more than 100 square feet (the average size). Let the cleaner sit for about 30 seconds before scrubbing with a mop or other cleaning device that works best with your flooring material.

4. Mop Up In Sections

Use a large, flat mop to remove most dust and debris from your floors. – If you use a bucket or other container for this step, make sure it is dumped into the garbage after each section as particles can settle near edges where they will remain until removed by hand.

5. Air Dry

Air dry is the most basic yet effective method for cleaning engineered hardwood floors. Remove any loose debris using a vacuum cleaner or broom, and then let it air dry naturally in a shaded area. This will minimize heat exposure that could potentially damage the floor finish.

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The Bottom Line

Engineered hardwood floors are made from real wood with a thin layer of plastic or polyvinyl on top. These floors have an average lifespan of 25 years but can last up to 50 years when maintained properly.