When it comes to decorating the home, it is common for lighting to be relegated to the background, even when lighting a double bedroom. When decorating a new home, it is not strange that a sad light bulb is left hanging from the ceiling by every source of light.

However, bedroom light fixtures ideas and home lighting is extremely important for two reasons: On the one hand, it plays an essential role in helping us create a comfortable environment in which to perform various tasks and activities, and on the other, it has an indisputable aesthetic role.

Each room in the house has specific needs in terms of lighting and the special one-bedroom light fixtures option is good to decorate a bedroom. For this reason, when planning the light points and choosing the lamps we must take into account where they will be located and what function they will have.

How to Plan the Lighting of the Double Bedroom

The first step to plan well the lighting of the double bedroom is to draw a plan (it can be approximate, it does not have to be to scale) where we will indicate the location of the furniture, windows and existing light points. The orientation of the bedroom, the size of the windows and the region greatly influence the natural lighting. If the bedroom is dark, the artificial light needs will be greater.

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Next, you have to think about what activities we usually do in the bedroom (besides sleeping, of course): do we like to read in bed? Do we have a work corner? Do we watch television? Depending on the activities we will have to define different environments.

Before buying the lamps for the double bedroom, we still have one more step left: knowing what kind of light and bulb we need in each corner.

The Different Types of Light for a Master Bedroom

Lamps can emit two types of hard light: Directional or diffuse. Directional light concentrates the beam on a surface and produces strong contrasts. It is the one used for specific tasks, such as reading. The diffuse light beam is distributed evenly throughout the room. It is warmer and more pleasant but it does not serve to concentrate the view.

On the other hand, bulbs have temperature (the ability to produce warmer or cooler light) regardless of whether the lamp is used to produce directional or diffuse hard light. The color or temperature of light is measured in degrees Kelvin (ºK) and this data is reflected in the packaging of the bulbs. Warm bulbs produce a yellowish light and their temperature is below 3,300ºK. The cold ones have white tones and their temperature ranges between 5,000 and 6,500 ºK. Finally, the intermediate or neutral ones have a temperature that ranges from 3,500 to 4,100 ºK.

Warm hard light sources are more relaxing and cool light sources are stimulating. Hence, a bulb with more Kelvin degrees is more advisable to work.

Tips for Choosing the Right Lamps for the Double Bedroom

Depending on the size of the room, the height of the ceilings and the dimensions of the objects, various levels of lighting can be built in the master bedroom combining light and shadow. The most important thing is to avoid strong contrasts with ambient light lamps, as this tires the eyes.

For example, lamps can be placed on top of the shelves and combined with floor lamps or lamps on the side tables. When there is a lot of distance from floor to ceiling, it is best to choose ceiling lamps for the double bedroom that direct the light upwards. In this way the optical effect of lowering them is achieved.

Depending on the temperature of the bulbs and the tone of the wall, the colors will look different. Dark colors absorb light and light colors reflect it. Therefore, it is easy to know how to light a dark room: the light tones of the walls and the high temperature bulbs will enhance the luminosity.

In addition to taking into account the function of each individual lamp, it is necessary to have an overview of the bedroom. It is considered that for a room to be properly lit it must have five points of light but this is not always possible.

To illuminate a double bedroom the essential points are the bedside tables, the ceiling, the dressing table area and the cabinets. If there are pictures, shelves or decorative objects, additional points can be added that can be used in combination with the rest. Of course, never all at once. Excessive intensity is dazzling and unwelcoming. On the other hand, if the room is small, a general light and another functional lighting source (usually on bedside tables) will probably suffice.

Some Lighting Tricks for the Bedroom

If you like to watch television before bed, a good idea is to place soft lights near or behind your television. In this way, contrasts are softened and the view is not strained.

If you have a workspace in your bedroom, avoid shadows by placing the light on the opposite end from where you work. Right-handed people should direct the focus from the left and left-handed people from the right.

In the dresser, the ideal is to place lights on both sides of the mirror in vertical strips. This way you will see your face without any shadow.

The wall lights in the double bedroom perfectly fulfill the function of night lamps without taking up space. It is a practical and modern solution that is gaining a lot of ground. This type of light is essential to avoid disturbing the couple if we fall asleep later or wake up earlier.

Integrating lighting into the interior of your closet is a very practical idea to easily see the content, organize the clothes and locate the clothes the first time.

Timers are an excellent resource to save energy if we tend to fall asleep before turning off. Waking up in the morning is also handy.

Essential Items Every Bedroom Must Have 1

In Summary

When lighting the master bedroom, it is important to take into account two factors: the tone of light and the amount of lighting. Warm tones are used when low light levels are desired and cool tones are used for high amounts of lighting.

When choosing the lamps for the double bedroom, we must take into account the lighting needs: general light (which is achieved by wall lights or ceiling lamps in the center of the room), point light (which serves to illuminate during an activity) and decorative light (which is what is used to enhance details and illuminate a certain object). The ideal is to complement each other.

Don’t think of your double bedroom as a place where you just go to sleep. Reading, cleaning, watching TV or organizing drawers need their specific light. So, it’s time to get down to work and choose lamps for your bedroom in a decorative and functional way.