Maintaining a clean commercial place requires a lot of equipment and tools. To help speed up the process of cleaning floors, you need access to quality mob buckets. When searching the market, you will come across buckets of different types and sizes.

Your selection has to be made based on your usage. Wringer and buckets are important accessories for cleaning staff. These are used for floors, walls, and even outdoor patio. Some of them are very effective in cleaning all types of mess from around your commercial premises.

You can search for water fed poles and mob buckets online as well. Top brands manufacture quality mob buckets and wringers for all commercial and residential use.

How to Choose the Right Mop for the Job

So, the different options that you have been covered up by our experts in this article below.

Select different grade parts

Mob buckets may include three main parts that have to be selected depending on your use. The Wringer is the main part that is used to drain excess water from the mob. The material selection is important as to drain cotton fabric, you need tough material wringer.


Buckets will hold clean water for the mob. You have to check with the volume of each bucket before you select one. For residential purposes, the small bucket is advisable, but for commercial purpose select one that can hold big volume.

Bucket for dirty water

Once you are mobbing the floor, you may need to store the dirty used water at a place. This requires a very effective bucket that will prevent the spilling of water back on the floor.

Reverse pressing type

Reverse pressing type mob buckets are very common for commercial use. The design that you select should always be sleek and lightweight. It should also offer easy mobility features.

The main decision is more based on economic factors as better quality products will always be more expensive.

Material quality

You have an option to make a selection of plastic as well as metal type bucket and wringer. If you are going to be using it for hours then the metal type is more advisable. It is more durable as compared to plastic grade.

If you hire a very professional team for cleaning purposes, then metal buckets are the best options as they are practically breaking free.

Weight factor

Even if the bucket is made up of metal or plastic, still it has to be light in weight. Metal buckets are generally heavier as compared to plastic versions. If your cleaning staff is not very professional, then plastic mob buckets are the best options.

The final point that you may have to consider is the total square foot area that has to be mobbed on an everyday basis. Commercial grade buckets are better but are usually difficult to operate. 

You also have an option to select different types of pressing devices.