There is no better way to entertain and impress your guests than with an outdoor kitchen. Whether your idea of a kitchen is a grill or you need a full service kitchen complete with running water, there is a perfect setup for you.

It doesn’t even matter if your space is limited. If your outdoor space is just a patio, you can still have an ideal culinary corner outside.

Go beyond grilling and setup a smoker. Or have a full size pizza oven and host a DIY pizza party in your backyard. The possibilities are endless and exciting to think about.

Read on for a few ideas you can use to make the kitchen of your dreams outdoors.

Use the space you have

Make a plan by doing an evaluation of the space that you want to dedicate to your kitchen. Revisiting your backyard and choosing the right kitchen kits would maximize the space and brings a unique sense of the outdoor kitchen. To learn more about RTA Outdoor Living visit their website. And for the decoration and accessories, you can check out to construct your dream outdoor entertaining area.

Even if your space is really large, it doesn’t make sense to spread things out. Keep your kitchen concentrated in one area and use the rest of your space for your guests to spread out.

Outdoor Kitchen

If your space is limited then think about how you want to cook and entertain and go from there. Even with limited space you can have a small grill and then add to it with a portable propane stove top and a prep table to keep things on.

Make it cozy

Keep in mind that you aren’t just cooking outside. If it were just about the food, you could cook inside and bring it out when it’s done. You’re trying to create a unique space to do the cooking.

Add some cozy furniture for people to use when eating or mingling. Add fixtures like cool lighting and maybe even add some outdoor water features. Eating home made food in a cool setting adds a lot to the experience.

Pizza ovens

If your space is limited, you can, and should use a tabletop pizza oven. The latest versions are compact and can be moved around. They are not those huge brick ovens, but rather small and compact ovens.

And don’t think you are limited to pizza. You can roast meat and vegetables in one or bake bread in addition to pizza.

When you do want pizza, these ovens can make a professional quality pie in minutes as they get much hotter than your regular oven in your home.

These latest generation pizza ovens make it accessible for anybody on any budget and in any space to have a real, authentic pizza at home.

Storage space

The key to having a kitchen outside is storage so you don’t have to go in the house everytime you need something. You can set up some small cabinets that go under your small grill or the aforementioned pizza oven.

Even a small dorm fridge will help keep you organized and efficient when you are entertaining outside.

A rollable prep table can be used for storage and to cut and chop your meat and vegetables and will allow you to use milk your space more efficiently.