Many types of LED lights are available now in the markets due to the advancement of technology. They are now replacing incandescent lights, and their use in different fields have become common. They are used in table lamps and many other home appliances. You will find LED lights in skincare tools. They require less energy and tend to last for a long time. As compared to other lights, LED wall lights are cooler and decrease the risk of combustion. This article will give you an insight into LED types and uses.


Types of LED lights:

There are many types of LED light now available, all of which have their specific uses. Here are some types of LED:

Miniature LEDs:

They are the smallest type of LEDs and are most commonly used. You can find them in calculators, remote controls, and mobile phones. The use of miniature LED lights in these appliances acts as an indicator. They come in different shapes and single colors.

High Power LEDs:

They produce a greater number of lumens, so they are also known as high-output LEDs. When you go to a market to purchase a high-power LED, ensure that the balance between the LED’s output and heat dissipation is maintained. This feature helps in expanding an LED’s life span. They are most commonly used in car headlights, tube lighting, and mechanical, scientific applications.

Lighting LEDs:

Their use includes LED bars, illuminators, and LED lamps. When you are looking for LED light bar, buy the ones with ceramic and aluminum bodies around the bulb, which will prevent it from overheating.

Red Green Blue (RGB) LEDs:

Three lights, red, blue, and green, are used in this type of LED. The combination of these three lights in different ways gives rise to new colors. They are used in accent lights, status indicators, video displays, and light shows.

Flashing LEDs:

These types of lights are used in places where attention is required. Like in your car and bicycle, to signal other vehicles on roads. They are also used in shows like music concerts to drive attention towards the performers. They can be used by directly connecting it to the power, instead of using a series of resistors.

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Common Uses of LED Lights:


You can put up small LED lights under cabinets for your countertops, as it adds extra lighting for your cooking. You can also install LED lights inside your cabinets to better view your things.


Incandescent lights were standard before the use of LEDs. LEDs are more preferred now because they are energy-saving, and their performance is much better. You can choose LED lights that do not emit blue light waves in your bedroom, as it can help you feel relaxed. You can install LED bulbs for chandelier fixtures; they offer a variety of beautiful colors.


Before LEDs were common, other types of lights were used, producing a lot of heat. You can easily use LED lights for any event like Christmas, birthday party, or a wedding. LED indicator light provides brighter light in much less power and is a populat option to show your guests the way to the dining area or other parts of your event. The lights need to be up for many hours, and LED makes it easy as they are energy-saving. LED lights do not break easily as other types and can be connected to the socket without overloading.