You worked hard to prepare a nice, hot meal but when you pull it out of the oven you are disappointed to see that it’s still not ready. Or worse, it’s totally burned!

You shouldn’t have to deal with an oven that doesn’t work as expected. And if these types of issues are a common problem, your oven may be in need of repair.

Experiencing other oven issues and not sure if it requires repair? Keep reading for 8 signs that you need oven repair.

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1. Food Cooks Unevenly

In addition to under or overcooking food, an oven in need of repair may cook things unevenly. This means that if you were baking a cake, the top of the cake looks great but the bottom is undercooked.

If this has been happening to you it’s time to search for oven repair service. An uneven cook could mean that the bake or broil are burned out.

Another way to tell if the bake or broil elements are not working properly is to look inside the oven. If the bottom is not red indicating heat that means that the bake element might be broken. If the top is not red, it could be thee broil element.

2. Smell of Gas

Gas stoves are great, but you should never be able to smell the gas. Inhaling fumes from your gas stove or oven could be dangerous. So if you notice the smell of gas, turn off the appliance immediately.

There are a few reasons for the gas smell, but a gas leak is the most dangerous possibility. Once you have turned off the oven and stove, search for oven repair near me to find someone that can come take a look right away. You may also need to get in touch with your gas provider.

3. Electrical Issues

If you have an electric stove and oven setup, you won’t have the sign of gas smell to tip you off that there’s an issue. But it’s still possible for the heating elements to be broken for an oven that runs on electricity.

You can observe issues with electrical stoves if the controls on the appliance don’t work or are delayed. You may also experience issues turning the stove on. And finally, of the power changes during cooking or from day to day while cooking, this could be a sign of electrical issues.

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4. Undercooked Food

As mentioned before, undercooked food is an annoyance. And it can also be a sign that your oven is working properly. If you are cooking items in the oven according to the directions but the product is undercooked, it’s probably an oven issue.

Undercooked food might indicated a problem with the fan or the heating element. It’s likely still safe to use your oven, but you should look into repairs as soon as possible.

5. Oven Door Won’t Close

The oven door should remain closed while you’re cooking. But if you can’t get the door closed all the way, there might be an issue with the hinges or other hardware.

While it may not seem like a big deal that the door won’t close, it can lead to longer cooking times or uneven cooking. Oven door repair is usually pretty simple, so get in touch with a repair service and explain the issue to them.

Replacing the hinges on the oven door could be the difference between waiting 20 minutes for dinner and waiting 40 minutes for dinner.

6. Problems With the Burner

The burners on top of your stove can show signs that there are problems with the oven itself. If your burners aren’t turning on or it doesn’t get as hot as expected, there might be a problem.

For a gas stove, you might be able to see differences in the color of the flames if there is an issue. There could be a problem with the ignition which affects the entire range, not only the stovetop.

For an electrical stove, you might notice a change in the color of the coils or the time it takes for things to heat up on the stove.

Regardless of which type of oven you have, if you experience issues with the burners, you should call for repair to make sure it is safe to use your appliances.

7. Overcooked Food

No one enjoys overcooked food. But more importantly, overcooked food could be a sign that there’s a problem with the oven. If you are cooking items to the specifications of the recipe and it’s still turning out burnt, that’s your first sign of a potential issue.

When food is overcooked the issue might be the thermostat. This is aa fairly urgent repair because it could become a fire hazard if not addressed.

8. Unexpected Noises

Generally speaking, your oven should remain pretty quiet while in use. If you hear banging, whining, hissing, or clicking, you might have a problem with your oven.

Unexpected noises are usually a sign that the fan blade is loose or broken. This requires that a professional come to replace the entire motor. Unfortunately, you can’t replace just the fan without the motor.

Listen for any peculiar noises in your oven and call for oven repair if you suspect something is wrong.

Oven Repair Can’t Wait

While undercooked, overcooked, and unevenly cooked food is an annoyance, a broken oven is a much bigger issue. You could be looking at a serious safety hazard for you and your family.

So if you notice any of the signs above or anything else out of the ordinary with your stove or oven, call for oven repair. They can answer all of your questions and assure you that your appliance is safe to use.

Enjoy your perfectly cooked food every time!

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