Tampa’s geographical location opens us up to significant vulnerability from weather hazards, especially flooding, hurricanes, sinkholes, and tornadoes:

At Flood Pros USA, we have seen, prepared and repaired them all. Tampa is especially vulnerable from June to November. This is why we urge Tampa residents to prepare for these months in advance proactively.

From our vast experience, we have laid out four essential steps below.

Does it always rain this much?

Any newcomers to Tampa, ask “Does it always rain this much here?”. The answer is yes! On average Tampa will receive about 46 inches of rainfall annually, most of this during our summer or wet season months. With all that rainfall it is no surprise that Tampa is particularly susceptible to flash flooding.

Not to mention our occasional tropical storms and hurricanes that blow in from the Gulf. For a cautionary tale of our vulnerability, we need look no further than Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Irma was the first Category 5 hurricane to strike here on record, and she was the costliest in the history of Florida, causing around $50 billion U.S. in damages.

Repairs Are Costly and Preparation is Free

Here are Flood Pros USA’s proactive recommendations to safeguard yourself and your property in advance:

Having an emergency bag and kit pre-packed and ready to go, is the bare minimum of what we recommend. We find once an evacuation announcement occurs, people waste their valuable time gathering their items while evacuating – which is already too late. Your emergency bag should contain identification documents, enough suitable clothing for the elements, and of course a few personal belongings.

It is worth having a family response plan already in place to save valuable time. Discuss who is responsible for bringing what items and where you will meet again in the event of an evacuation.

What Questions Should I Ask the Best Flood Insurance Agent in My Area

It is worth beginning your preparations now, by taking the time to secure and prepare your home. Most preventative measures are easy to carry out and make all the difference in whether you have a property to come back to or not.

Finally, we recommend contacting your insurance provider to confirm exactly what weather events are covered, and if a restoration service provider like Flood Pros USA is accessible on your cover.

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