Imagine you have planned a dinner party at your place. You are baking a delicious cake in the microwave oven, and later you will be grilling those marinated paneers in the oven, and suddenly there is an unexpected power cut.

Got goosebumps, didn’t you? Such unexpected power cuts have spoiled thousands of plans, night-outs, important meetings and thousands of other plans. Haven’t they?

A good inverter is the need of the hour. Inverters have made our life easier by providing us with power in times of unprecedented power cuts.

The latest buzzword in the market of inverters is ‘smart inverters. But why are they known as smart inverters? Smart inverters consist of bi-directional communication capabilities, featuring digital technologies, and a robust software-designed infrastructure. These inverters ensure the effective distribution of dispersed energy resources (DER).

Image Source: Luminous
Image Source: Luminous

But do you know that smart inverters have been gaining popularity lately? Let us explore the reasons for their gained popularity.

  • They mitigate issues related to power quality – Smart inverters play a transformative and vital role in alleviating immoderate voltage and slump voltage produced by variable solar output, therefore avoiding possible power quality issues. Such voltage swings destroy the electrical appliances installed in any residence. A smart inverter assists in detecting the grid abnormalities and provides feedback to the operators. So, installing a smart inverter will assist in preventing such damages to your appliances, which is why people have been installing smart inverters in their homes.
  • Smart inverters have proved to be advantageous to all sectors – No matter the application across verticals – be it commercial, residential or industrial, all benefit from the smart inverter technology. Ensuring high redundancy, reliability and performance, smart inverters prove advantageous no matter where it is used.
  • Smart inverters can perform independently – Undoubtedly, smart inverters are capable of gathering data regarding the frequency, voltage, Vars or Volt amperes reactive, at their input devices because of their computing capabilities. But they have gained popularity due to their capabilities to perform independently as a unit, without any supporting systems.
  • Smart inverters are loaded with tons of the latest features – Smart inverter consists of wireless communication systems, mobile-friendly applications, increased direct current (DC) voltage overloading options, and so much more. With so many refined and latest features, who wouldn’t love to upgrade to smart inverters?

How Mobile Applications Work With Smart Inverters?

In recent years, Indian homes and businesses have relied extensively on inverters to manage their daily electrical demands in the face of prolonged power outages. However, as demand grows, the requirement for inverters to become even more adaptive, smart, resilient and intelligent becomes increasingly apparent. This is where today’s technological innovations have paved the way for the future of power generation and back up with developments in smart inverter technology.

You will find inverters from reputable brands such as Luminous that have developed mobile applications for their range of smart inverters. Using the mobile application, you can stay completely updated on the electrical situation at home – and from anywhere in the world. In addition, the mobile application provides information on the main power supply, backup, and load details for your smart inverter. Depending on the information you receive, you can proceed with optimizing the usage of any electrical appliance or enhance your backup time as per your needs.

The Way Forward

The growing population has called for the increasing demand for electricity. This, in turn, has resulted in increasing power cuts. Unfortunately, traditional inverters are not as efficient as smart inverters. So, why spend thousands of bucks on the maintenance of the old inverters, when you can switch to smart inverters?

Whether it is your movie night or a dinner party you have hosted, or an important mail to be sent, none of your plans will be hampered with smart inverters. Remember to explore and compare options from reputable brands like Luminous to find the ideal inverter solution for your home. They provide an extensive range of inverters, suiting various needs, and all at affordable prices. Check their website today!