The kitchen is a very important space in the house and having a spacious, well-furnished and well decorated kitchen is the dream of many people when they decide to renovate their home.

Nowadays, there are more and more types of kitchens that adapt to our styles and personal tastes. Backsplash Shop helps you choose a backsplash tiles that matches your home’s style and needs. Remodeling your kitchen with modern designs and endless options has never been easier, now every homeowner could have their own style unique kitchen with expert backsplash installation in westchester county. Here you can use our insights and find the perfect design for your home or kitchen within minutes while saving money too!

In the end, we tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Therefore, it is essential that the kitchen is a practical space, easy to clean and with a certain aesthetic value in terms of design.

But not only do you have to choose the best furniture and the best layout for your perfect kitchen, you also have to pay close attention to the kitchen tiles.

At International MTC there are a wide variety of wall tiles with different effects that will make the choice for your kitchen simple. However, if you are not quite sure how to find the best tiles for your kitchen, here are 10 good tips!

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1. Match the style with the rest of the house

An important factor when choosing tiles for your kitchen is to choose tiles that match the rest of the house.

It may be ideal at first, but when you combine it with the style of decoration of the house you will be surprised when you see that it does not match at all.

2. Look closely at the quality of the tile

In the world of tiles, you should not get carried away by prices, as cheap is often expensive. A tile of poor quality will not last long and can lose its shine, crack or even come loose.

That is why it is important to pay attention to its quality and spend a little more because, in the long run, it will be appreciated.

3. Know the exact meters of tile we need

To avoid spending more than necessary, a good tip is to make an approximate calculation of how many tiles will be needed to cover the meters of the kitchen. Ideally, there should be some meters left over to be able to repair possible future breakages.

If we do not know how to estimate the number of tiles needed, it is advisable to consult a professional. But we comment you that, normally, the extra percentage of tiles is always around 10%.


4. Be clear about the layout of the tiles

Depending on the position in which the tile is placed, it will give one impression or another. Tiles usually have several arrangements in order to make certain compositions and figures. If it is placed in a landscape position, it will give a different impression than if it is placed vertically.

5. Introduce a border

Sometimes, to change the coating of the kitchen, opt for placing borders can be a good idea. As long as it is only put on one wall because, it can make a very heavy effect if we abuse it.

Placing a border can give a fresh, original and different air to our kitchen. Everything will depend on the style we have chosen.

6. Choose timeless and durable styles

Despite the passage of time, there are styles that never go out of fashion and manage to remain current.

Sometimes we prefer not to change the tiling every so often, so one option is to opt for simple, modern tiles without stridency.

7. Choose the kitchen countertop

Another tip on how to choose tiles for your kitchen is to know what types of kitchen countertops to go with. It should match perfectly with the tiles you are going to choose.

An example can be a black countertop that will always combine with tiles of light shades, such as white or beige.


8. Choosing the tile material

There are several types of tiles on the market, such as porcelain or ceramic tiles, rectified tiles, or gresite tiles. Depending on the quality and the money you want to spend, one or the other will suit you.

9. Use tiles on the floor

Putting tile on the walls does not mean that we have to put tiles on the floor of our kitchen. But in the case of wanting to do it is not necessary that it is of the same style that the tiles.

We must try to adjust the colours so that it does not look bad, for this you can place a border or loose tiles of the same shade on the floor.

10. Combine the tiles with the kitchen furniture

Depending on the type of kitchen you want to have at home, one tile or another is appropriate. A kitchen with rustic furniture is not the same as a more modern and minimalist kitchen

In short, the tiles are important elements to take into account when choosing the style of the kitchen. So, do not hesitate to follow these tips if you are going to remodel your kitchen!