When you are searching for methods of increasing your productivity in the office – whether working from a typical office or a home one – you are more likely to think of the tools and office supplies you should buy. These can include anything from unique tier 1 net 30 accounts, automation technology that helps you save time, incorporation of concentration strategies, and other things.

However, you might be overlooking the most important element: your office design. After all, you do not want to keep going to the same boring office space that has the same feel, look and atmosphere. It gets grating and monotonous, and you do not feel like going there anymore – in fact, seeing the same faces and the same furniture eventually dampens the mood and results in less productivity.

Fortunately, improving your office design is easy, and you can do it through these steps:

Investing in high quality items

Investing in good technology such as VoIP phones and lightning-speed Wi-Fi can increase productivity at work by miles. In fact, you will go a long way to reducing the stress that the employees face, and there is less time wastage on the job.

However – it is not just that. Furniture is a major benefit as well, so get rid of it if it is not working. Make sure to invest in the basics first, such as a high-quality desk and chairs. In addition, adding a writeable wall to allow employees to jot down their new ideas and picking specific chairs for conferencing sessions will also increase productivity.

The aim of this is to make the workspace more flexible and appealing, because it makes the workers feel more appreciated.

Add a space for chill outs

design office

Since you are spending a significant part of you day (up to 8 to 12 hours) at work, you really need a place where downtime is taken care of. Studies show that productivity boosts increase when employees are more relaxed at work, so ensure you include a chill out zone, where employees can go to chat, have a break, have a snack or coffee, and meditate. This spot can be a multi-purpose room, as you can also have office parties and meetings in the same space.

If you are not sure where to begin with choosing a chill outspace,then you can enlist the help of your employees by asking them about it. In this way, they will also enjoy the process.

Adding a standing desk to enhance health

The healthier your workers are, the more productive they are – and there is no greater asset to your organization and office than your employees.

Among the most effective ways is to incorporate standing desks, because they will improve energy levels and increase concentration and focus. After all, sitting down for long periods increases a ton of health risks many years later, including high blood pressure.

The best types of standing desks are the electric-adjustable ones. This is because the user can adjust them easily to their height, just through pressing a button.

Incorporating quiet zones

quiet zones office

In this world of increasing deadlines and assignments, it is normal for people to increasingly want quiet spaces that help them to make a private phone call or concentrate on their work.

In order to help with this, it is important to keep private and quiet zones in your office design. If the employee has an assignment or project, they can go there to concentrate and get some more work done. Ensure that it adheres to both functionality and comfort, in order to keep your employees happy.

Removing clutter

A recent survey by Office Max on the effects of workplace clutter revealed a very interesting finding – up to 90% of employees experienced lower concentration levels a result of unorganized work clutter. Additionally, 77% also stated that it has negative effects on productivity.

Clearly, clutter is a major problem that needs to be dealt with, and you can do it through investing in desk-organizing tools, as well as implementing and sticking to a clutter-free policy. The more clutter-free the office is, the better it is for the mind.

Final thoughts

In order to increase the happiness and productivity of your workforce, you need to ensure the environment they operate in works for them. Ensure you invest in improving your office space and layout, which will ultimately lead to a win-win situation.