Unique Program Lets Homeowners Renovate without Paying Upfront When Selling a House

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A new kind of real estate company allows homeowners to perform renovations that dramatically increase their sale price when selling a house without having to pay for those upgrades until after they sell.

The Property Concierge Program from The Griffin Group was designed as a homeowner’s secret weapon when selling a house. Through it, the company performs targeted renovations that will add the most value to a house or condominium when selling. The best part is that homeowners don’t pay for the renovations until after the sale, allowing them to get maximum profit without being out of pocket.

“We’re on a mission to help homeowners to get the most profit possible from the sale of their house or condo,” said Caroline Griffin, co-founder of the Griffin Group. “We’ve seen too many people miss out on the profit they could get from selling their house because they didn’t want to or weren’t able to pay for some targeted renovations.”

Read on for a list of eight pro tips that will have the outside of your home sparkling clean in no time.

Here’s how the program works when selling a house:

The Property Concierge 4-Step Process

1.     The Griffin Group Team identifies the renovations that will add the most resale value

2.     Provide a before and after estimate of your home’s value

3.     Perform quality home renovations fast

4.     Sell your home for more than you imagined

Husband and wife team Mark and Caroline Griffin have nearly 30 years of residential construction and real estate experience they bring together as The Griffin Group.

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“It dawned on us one day, that my experience as a contractor and Caroline’s experience as a realtor could be combined to help people get what they deserve when selling a house,” said Mark Griffin, co-founder. “That’s why we created the Property Concierge program.”

The Griffin Group was founded by husband-and-wife team Mark and Caroline Griffin with the goal of helping homeowners to get more profit from the sale of their house or condo. Through their unique Property Concierge Program, they carry the cost of targeted renovations that increase a home’s sale price and the owner does not pay for those renovations until after the sale, at which time both the renovation costs and the traditional real estate listing fee is taken from the proceeds of the sale.