Clogged drains are extremely disgusting and there is no other way to say it. Clogged drains are the root cause of so many bacteria and insects breeding which later cause health issues to the humans. Clogged drains make the household work extremely difficult to get done and sometimes it even halts the work completely. Only a master specialist like Master Blasta Plumbing Services can be of rescue during this. There can be a lot of reasons for the blocked drains lismore or clogging of the drainage system. Some of the most common ones are listed below.

 Blocked Due To Pile Up:

There are times when the drainage system has too much to pass through and when conditions like these occur on a regular basis, the drain is soon seen completely clogged. The most common items that are piled up and clog the drains are the hair, dirt, food, grease, dense items which do not dissolve, like toiletry products. These items do not pass the drain entirely at one go and some portion of them is left in the drainage system only. Over time the quantity of these items increase and they slowly start clogging the drain. There are times when something too big is thrown in the drains which can even cause an instant clog. Food and hair amongst the most common causes of clogged drains.

Blocked Due To Pipe And Water Issues:

When the pipe starts getting older, the potential to drain everything out starts declining. However, there are times when the pipes are completely new and still the drainage gets clogged, this could be due to poor pipe installation. Sometimes the pipes work fine, and the drainage system is also working fine but due to water issues it gets blocked instantly. If it rains heavily then the quantity of water gets above the capacity of the drainage system and thus leads to blockage.

What To Do:

You could be facing the clogging due to any of the above-mentioned reasons and there is a solution for all of them. If you face a constant clogging issue from time to time, then it is most probably the piling up issue. Make sure you do regular cleaning of the drainage filter and avoid throwing in dense objects in the drainage system because if not instantly, it would soon block the pipes. Make sure you do not throw food directly into the sink, take the leftover out in a trash bag and then do the cleaning. There is no solution but regular clean ups for these kinds of issues.

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If your drainage is getting clogged due to the rain, make sure you do instant clean up and let all the water pass after the rains. Always make sure that you install the pipes with the help of an expert and make sure that you change the pipe after a set duration. This way you are clear that your pipes and installation is fine.


Drainage blocking is a very common issue and there is nothing to be worried about. Be a little careful while putting any stuff in the drain and make sure you do regular clean ups so that the pipes and filters don’t get clogged.