Finding an appliance repair technician to fix your broken appliance is not an easy experience for everyone. An appliance often breaks down when least expected and that means you may not be prepared to find the right service to fix it. Nobody wants to suffer the experience of ending up with an appliance repairman that instead of helping makes the situation worse. But if you know the right question to ask when calling around to find the right appliance technician, that could save you a lot of time and money at the end of the day.

If you want to significantly increase the chances of finding the right appliance repair technician that you can trust with your appliance repair situation, at least make sure to ask the following questions:

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Does the appliance service technician service your area?

An appliance service company or any technician serves a limited number of locations. The most common local appliance service companies and technicians will serve cities within one or several counties. So before you call the company, it’s probably a great idea to check on their business profile or website if they serve your location. When you finally make the call, still ask if they service your area, just to be sure. You also need to find out how far they are located from your place to be sure if you’re dealing with a local company or repairman. A local appliance service is always the best option for fast response and affordable repairs. If you do a Google search, you are likely to find all the local appliance services with ratings and reviews so that you can end up hiring the one you can trust.

Do they service your specific type and brand of appliance?

There are numerous types and brands of appliances out there, so every appliance technician will only be trained and certified to specialize on fixing specific ones. It is therefore important to ask if there are particular types and brands of appliance included in their list of services that they offer. For you to find service without delays, it’s a good idea to make note of such details and even have the model number of the appliance at hand when calling an appliance service. Finding technicians to repair foreign brands of appliances is more difficult than is the case when you need service for the most common brands of appliances, especially the American-made appliance brands.

Is same day appliance service available or how soon will the technician come out?

If one of your critical major household appliances or a commercial appliance has broken down, you may need service as soon as possible. It could be that your refrigerator at home, a commercial refrigeration or laundry machine, or if you are a landlord any appliance in one of your tenant’s houses has stopped working. In any of those circumstances, you will most likely be looking for same day appliance service, which in some situations is harder to find. With most appliance service companies, availability for same day appliance service runs out quickly towards the afternoon and evening hours, or the closer it gets to the end of the week. So when making a call you need to ask for same day service availability right away if you need it.

How do their charges work including the service call fee if any?

Before you finally book an appointment for your appliance repair, it is important to know the kind of charges you can expect. Most repairmen will let you know that they can only determine the cost of repairing your appliance once they diagnose it. That is important for them to know exactly what is wrong with it and which parts may need to be replaced at what cost. Most of them will also charge a service call fee that counts towards the total cost of repair that they quote if you choose to have them do that repair. But if after diagnosing your appliance you don’t approve any repairs, then all you pay is just the service call fee. That is how the charges for most appliance services work, but you need to ask to be sure. You should also confirm if they offer warranty on parts and labor, so that if the appliance breaks down again too soon they can come back to fix it for you for free.

Is the appliance repairman licensed properly?

Sometimes people get ripped off when they end up hiring fraudulent people that masquerade as appliance repair technicians. It is important to ask technicians if they will be able to produce the relevant documents to prove they are licensed to service appliances in your area. Do not confuse licensing with the requirement to be authorized by specific manufacturers to handle their warranty appliance repairs.


Depending on your particular appliance problem and other circumstances, there are possibly many other questions you could ask to help you find the right technician. Just make sure to ask as many questions as possible to help you gather enough information that is needed to make the right decision for your appliance repair. You should also provide as much information as needed for the appliance repairman to determine if they are best suited for helping in your particular appliance repair situation.