With the average adult from the ages of 25 to 54 working over 40 hours a week in the USA, people are very busy. All the stresses from our busy lives can consume us and make it hard to focus on things outside of work and/or our families.

This can lead to us forgetting things like previous commitments, plans, and even birthdays. This isn’t done maliciously, but simply because we have a ton of other things to focus on. But if you forget your friend’s birthday and didn’t get them a gift ahead of time, all is not lost. This article is going to go over a few things you can do if you have forgotten your friend’s birthday, to make it up to them.


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Get Something Delivered to Them


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If the day of your friend’s birthday has arrived, and you still haven’t gotten them anything, that doesn’t mean it’s too late. One of the best options for if you forgot to buy a gift for your friend are same-day delivery gifts. There are many different things you can have delivered, such as flowers, a gift box, or even some of their favorite chocolate or candy.

One option is sending personalized balloons. Personalized balloons are a fun and creative way to celebrate someone’s birthday. You can pick a balloon design and write what your friend means to you on the balloon so they know how much you care about them and will be reminded of this every time they see it.

The availability of these gifts and how quickly they can arrive will often depend on how early in the day you make an order, and where you live. In many cases, getting something shipped to your door (or their door) in a matter of hours can be easy.

Take Them Out for Dinner

A kind way to make up for forgetting someone’s birthday is to take them out for dinner or drinks. This could be on their actual birthday (if you remembered in time), or a few days later once they are free. You can take them to their favorite spot, and even offer to pay if you want to make up for the fact you forgot their birthday.

Sometimes, spending time with someone and sharing stories and communicating with one another is better than a gift, anyways. If you see fit, you could also apologize for forgetting their birthday, as that can be nice to hear in some cases.

Do it Big on Their Next Birthday

If a lot of time has passed and you completely missed the boat on their birthday, it can feel pretty bad. However, a great way to make up for this is to take things to another level on their next birthday. This could be a bigger party, a bigger gift, or doing something new, unique or exciting for them that they are sure to love and enjoy. If you’re from Sydney, consider planning a Sydney Harbour Boat Hire for your friend’s next big day.

This larger gesture, gift, or plans will often make up for any shortcomings in the past. Or, if you don’t want to wait that long, you can simply get them a gift or spend some time with them on a random day to make up for it.

We hope these ideas are able to help you redeem yourself if you forget your friend’s birthday. Most of them will certainly understand, but it can still be nice to do something to make up for it.