Statistics show that nearly 1.35 million people lose their lives every year because of street accidents globally. Also, an average of 3 million people suffers severe accident injuries, which render many people disabled. These accidents not only cause losses to the victim but also the nations as a whole. Some of the accidents are uncontrollable, but we can control a large percentage of them by driving carefully and observing the traffic rules. This guide will discuss the four main types of street accidents and provide practical solutions for how you should handle them.

  • Hit And Run Accidents

Hit and run accidents happen when a moving vehicle hits a vehicle, a person, or an object. Knowingly, the driver of the car at fault over speeds the car, and leaves the scene. These accidents are common, and they lead to the loss of many lives and property. The hit and run accidents mostly happen at night, or when there are few people on the scene to stop the moving vehicle.

However, as seen on, victims can easily find justice for hit and run accidents provided that they follow the right procedures. The hit and run accidents are not caused by motor vehicles only, but can also be caused by bicycles, and other vehicles.

  • How to handle the accident

If you accidentally hit another person or object, do not escape. Stop to assess the damage. Search for the owner of the property, talk to them, and take photos of the scene. File a police case and then, inform your insurance firm. If you are a victim, reach out to your insurance firm immediately. As you wait for the response, record the evidence which includes the number of plates, pictures, and videos of the scene. Get back up from the eyewitnesses, and inform your lawyer.

  • Head-on collision accidents

As the name implies, the head-on collision happens when two automobiles hit each other on the front. Mostly, they occur when the two vehicles are moving in opposite directions. These accidents are fatal because they tend to have more collision impact. The accidents mostly happen as a result of driver negligence, over speeding or distracted driving.

  • How to handle the accident

Contact your auto accident lawyer immediately when the injury occurs. If you were at fault, the lawyer would help you assess the damage, and guide you on the way forward. If you were the victim, your lawyer would help you collect enough evidence, and work closely with you to ensure that you get the justice you deserve.

  • Rollover accidents

These accidents happen when the driver loses control and then rolls over another person or property. The loss of control most occurs as a result of using a phone when driving, sleeping, or experiencing any other obstruction on the road. In a few cases, a rollover can be caused by risky maneuvers, or by the multi-vehicle crashes. Rollovers are common in rural setups, but they can also happen in highways and urban setups.

  • How to handle the accident

street accidents

Stay calm. A rollover accident is a scary event, and you will be in a better position to make sober decisions when you are relaxed. Later, assess yourself to confirm if all the parts of your body are still intact and okay. Check on your passengers as well to verify their status. If possible, talk to them and assure them that everything is okay. Get out of the vehicle, and seek help to help all the passengers to get out vehicles as well. After that, inform your lawyer and your insurance firm.

  • Car park accidents

Not all accidents happen when on the road. Some of them might occur when you are reversing to get out of the car park, or simply when you have left your vehicle at the car park. 

  • How to handle the accident

Learn to stay calm first, whether you are a victim or the person at fault. Also, do not escape because the chances are high that the CCTV cameras in the parking lots will record you. Find the owner of the other vehicle or property, and negotiate with the other party if the damage is minor. If substantial damages and losses are involved, inform your automobile lawyer and your insurance firm immediately.

Accidents are unfortunate events which no one wishes to experience in their lives. To reduce their occurrence, drive safely, and avoid driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In case an accident happens; take full responsibility for your mistakes. If possible, work closely with your attorney to help you handle the situation.