There are some misconceptions about scuba diving that scare people away, even though there are so many things to see and experience. People think that it’s expensive and that there are a lot of sharks and jellyfish lurking around. On the contrary, it’s perfectly safe and it’s much cheaper when you compare it to some other sports. It’s such an amazing activity that allows you to see the world from a different perspective, learn some new things and have so much fun. Here you can read about five things that will hopefully make you fall in love with scuba diving and put it on your bucket list for your next vacation.

It’s safe and easy

Contrary to what people believe, scuba diving is safe and rather easy to learn. With proper training, you’ll get your certificate and become a full-fledged scuba diver in no time. You’ll learn how to plan your dives, how to choose the right scuba diving gear for yourself, underwater signals and other procedures. You’ll also learn how to set up your gear, how to enter and exit the water, some basic water navigation and safety procedures. When you’re done practising this in confined waters, you’ll be ready to go for a dive in open waters and see how fun it is. The fact that the minimum age is 10 years old in most areas shows how easy and safe it is. The most amazing thing is that you can dive anytime and anyplace with your certificate.

Enjoy discovering a new world

There are people who have travelled the world, visited many cities and cultures, climbed mountains and explored ancient sites. However, they don’t know how much they missed by avoiding scuba diving destinations. The world under the water is a complete mystery for many people, as you can find things that are hundreds of years old there, such as shipwrecks and ancient ruins. Also, you can discover all the amazing flora and fauna of the underwater world and the best thing is that you can see them up close. There are some amazing things down there that you probably didn’t even know existed.

Learn new things

People who often dive at the same spots over the years could notice a phenomenon that’s been occurring for some twenty years now called coral bleaching. Corals are slowly disappearing due to increased ocean temperature, which is caused by human actions. If you choose to go scuba diving, you get the chance to document and appreciate the remaining coral reefs and raise the awareness of the environmental issues occurring all over the world. You can learn about the things you as an individual can do to protect the environment and you can learn a lot about underwater life. Encounters with species unknown to you will surely spark the interest and motivate you to learn more about it or to discover new things on your own through observation. ou can also learn underwater photography. You can check Paralenz Vaquita which is an excellent underwater camera for diving.

Physical activity

Someone might say that floating around in water won’t help you a lot with your workout and overall fitness. However, it’s not just floating around, as it burns a lot of calories and it improves your cardiovascular performance. It may not be as effective as some other sports, but it certainly isn’t ineffective. You can burn around 600 calories in an hour, but it depends on how much you move in the water and whether you’re swimming with or against the current. You are mainly working on your core muscles and large muscles groups in your legs while diving. Also, your body spends more energy trying to keep the temperature at optimal levels because it gets colder as you dive deeper. 

It’s a perfect escape from ordinary

Diving helps you relax by enjoying peace and quiet of the underwater world. When you dive, you just simply forget about everything on the surface, as the scene before your eyes is an amazing one that steals all of your attention. You won’t find human influence down there, no traffic and no noise. It has a calming, therapeutic effect, as all you can hear is the sound of the bubbles. If you prefer solitude, you can go alone, or you can find a company and have some fun time together. 

Diving in Nha Trang sea

Diving is an incredible experience that will allow you to make some memories for a lifetime. You can connect with other communities and meet new friends, share your experiences and do something good for the planet together. You get to learn a lot of things in the process, how to control your body down there and how to stay calm in new situations. Experience a new world that’s full of surprises and don’t miss out on the fun things that all of those destinations offer to people who dare to explore them.

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