Travelling can often be stressful and exciting at the same time. However, a skincare routine can suffer, especially if you don’t have enough time. But with a bit of effort, it is easy to achieve glowing skin even while travelling. Here are some tips that will help you make that happen.

1. Simplify your routine

If your current routine consists of multiple steps, then consider simplifying it while on the road. Generally, your routine needs only two basic steps: cleansing and moisturizing. Everything else is completely optional unless you use certain products such as salicylic acid or retinol. Therefore, pack your favourite cleanser and moisturizer, and consider bringing only the basic additional products such as serums.

2. Don’t forget to remove makeup


Makeup helps you feel your best self, however, if you want your skin to look great, it’s important to remove it before bedtime. Double cleansing is the best makeup removal method, however, if you’re travelling, then consider using micellar water instead. Makeup wipes aren’t recommended, but if you’re taking a short trip, you can use them a few times without any major consequences.

3. Treat yourself if you have a chance

Your destination also determines the type of your skincare routine. If you’re travelling somewhere hot and humid such as Southeast Asia, then feel free to treat yourself to the best facial treatment in Singapore as that will provide you with glowy and radiant skin. Trying local products and treatments can also help you learn more about that place and the local culture. A lot of countries such as Morocco or India have their own unique products, such as oils and body butters that can make your skin soft and glowy, so be sure to check them out.

4. Make sure to wear sunscreen

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Sunscreen is the holy grail for those who take serious care of their skin. In case you live in a sunny and warm place, then wearing sunscreen is a must. However, even if not, be sure to apply at least once a day, first thing in the morning before you leave home. Travelling means it’s likely you’ll spend time outdoors, hiking and sightseeing. If you’re travelling to a warm place, then be sure to bring an SPF cream, so you’ll be able to protect your skin.

5. Bring travel-size bottles

Some beauty products come in large bottles or tubes, and that can be inconvenient to pack. Hence, bringing travel-sized containers can help you organize all your products. Plus, that will leave you with much more room in the suitcase. These bottles are easy to pack and transport, which will also allow you to pack a few different products. This can be especially important if you wear a lot of makeup, and you have a large bottle of micellar water that you use regularly.

6. Stay hydrated


Drinking enough water is a must while travelling. Since going on a trip means you’ll be more on the move, it’s essential to consume enough healthy liquids such as water or herbal teas. If you’re planning to go clubbing while away, then be sure to drink water, together with alcohol so your body won’t be as dehydrated the next day. Dehydration can have negative consequences on your complexion because it makes it look dull and saggy.


Travelling is the best gift you can give yourself. However, constant travelling, flying and changes in the environment can have a negative impact on your skin. These tips will help you maintain youthful and radiant complexion, regardless of your destination. Also, treating yourself to some local treatments and products can make your skin look gorgeous and healthy.