In the midst of this global pandemic, it can be hard to get used to our new reality. With an abundance of COVID-19 headlines everywhere we turn and medical information being thrust in our direction day in and day out, it is difficult to soothe our nerves or keep our minds off of the pandemic. It is easy to become fearful and stressed during these times because we are worrying about our health, loved ones, and our financial situations. However, it is of great importance that we nurture our physical and mental health to improve our overall well-being. During the quarantine, finding distractions isn’t always easy, but it is vital for us.

This is why we have assembled a list of amusing ways to lift your spirits during this time. 

Improve Your Skills

Most of us, who are not essential workers, now have plenty of time to spare. This is a great opportunity to accomplish goals you didn’t typically have time for in the past. Working to improve upon your talents will not only add more skills to your repertoire, but it will also release endorphins to make you feel better as you begin to feel productive doing something you enjoy. If you love singing, for instance, then the vocal coaches of suggest using this time to seek online lessons to improve upon your vocal technique with proper guidance. This will keep you motivated during the quarantine. Whether your talents are writing, singing, dancing, or even photography, now is your chance to perfect your abilities in a fun way that does not feel overwhelming or too much of a chore.

Indulge in Hobbies

Another great way to distract yourself from worldwide events and relieve stress is to indulge in hobbies. People’s regular work schedules and routines often prevent them from focusing on the activities they’d like to do. Fortunately, now you can dedicate a significant amount of time to doing the things you love. Perhaps it’s working out or doing yoga, or maybe it’s cooking and baking delicious treats for your children. It can even be taking up painting or finally getting around to redecorating the walls in your home. Whatever your hobby may be, you can now have the time and energy to indulge in it.

Relish in Entertainment

This is perhaps the best stress reliever to opt for. Relish in all the different sources of entertainment available today. Whether it’s getting cozy with the list of novels you vowed to read but never had time for prior, or spending the day of snuggling up on the couch with a Netflix show, or if you’re into gaming, there are many ways to seek out entertainment to distract yourself and lift your spirits. The internet gives us an infinite number of funny memes and videos, there are plenty of amusing delights to keep you satisfied.

Leverage Dance-Challenge apps

People often think being away from their smartphones makes them simply bored. However, there are a variety of apps you can install to keep yourself entertained without much effort. Some of these apps include a completely different social media site for you to visit and use as a distraction.
There’s never a dull moment when you’re in quarantine. You can keep yourself entertained with plenty of great dance-based apps on your phone. One of them is, which has routines pre-loaded so all you have to do is tap your phone screen at the correct time to get the dance move done. You can also challenge other people to compete with your dance moves.


Stay in Touch

One of the hardest parts of coping with this situation is the lack of social interaction. It is easy to feel lonely during this time and it is important that you do not isolate yourself from human contact. While we cannot physically embrace our loved ones, luckily for us, we live in a time where they are just a click away. From FaceTime and Zoom to HouseParty and the different social media platforms out there, there are plenty of apps today that allow us to feel as though we are right next to the people we love. We get to see their faces, catch up, laugh together, and even host virtual gatherings. If you live alone, it is especially essential for you to interact with friends and family members to entertain yourself and cope better without feeling isolated. You will find that sharing a drink over an online video chat with a friend or simply having someone to share your thoughts and feelings with will help greatly.

In these unprecedented times, the fear of the unknown can weigh a person down. Being unable to predict a specific time when life will return to normal can increase our stress and anxiety. This is why finding ways to bring entertainment into your life is vital. Do what you love and do not feel obligated to do anything that causes you to feel overwhelmed. What you choose to do with your time is entirely up to you. Finding ways to amuse yourself can be done through binge-watching your favorite show, baking banana bread, singing and dancing, or hosting a virtual game night with your loved ones. It’s all about making yourself feel good as we get through the quarantine together.