Are you considering a major move to a new state? Sometimes a huge move can be exactly what you need to steer your life onto a new path and find a new spring in your step, but if you chose your move poorly, it could end up achieving the opposite! So we’re going to run through some of the reasons why North Carolina could be the perfect state for you to call home.


The property market in North Carolina is extremely strong, which makes it a perfect place to invest your money into a new property. You can buy land at a relatively low cost, and the best thing about North Carolina real estate is that the property tax is low compared to the rest of the US! That means you have a little extra money to find your perfect home.


Check out all the options on offer in North Carolina, from modern, sleek homes, to rustic period properties, North Carolina has it all! The home of your dreams could be waiting for you, and it could be more affordable than you expect!

Natural Beauty

As an incredibly diverse state that spans from the Atlantic Ocean to the Blue Mountains, North Carolina boasts amazing natural beauty. With spectacular beaches across 322 miles of coastline, and around 88 miles of the Appalachian Trail, North Carolina has become a vibrant spot for outdoorsy tourists and adventurers alike!

Have a look at some of the amazing outdoors activities and opportunities that you could embrace if you make the move to North Carolina, and consider the new lifestyle you could enjoy with the great outdoors at your fingertips!

A Booming Economy

North Carolina has one of the best state economies in the US, and it recently rose 4 spots in the shortlist of best economies across the country! The surging economy of North Carolina means that the state is full of opportunity! Industries are gaining speed, and there’s space for everyone to prosper!

Alongside a strengthening economy, North Carolina has a fantastically low cost of living compared to the rest of the US, which means that if you move there, you’re likely to have a little more disposable income and generally be better off!

Amazing Colleges

Over the years, the Colleges of North Carolina have been rising through the ranks  and are now considered amongst the best in the US! If you’re considering moving your family over to North Carolina, then this is another huge tick on the list!


Colleges such as Duke College have become extremely successful, and students often find success upon graduating there.

North Carolina is making a name for itself as one of the best places to live in the United States, and the point on this list are only a few of the amazing reasons why you should consider making the move. Why not get ahead of the curve and consider moving to one of the most excited up and coming states across the country?