Yard signs are an effective tool for promotion, communication, and advertising. They are a cheap, effective, and highly customizable method of outdoor sign that can get favorable outcomes if used strategically.

A yard sign can be used for different promotional and marketing purposes. Moreover, people often use yard signage for celebratory purposes to mark the celebration of a birthday with a happy birthday yard sign or support their local sports team with the team’s logo signage.


Other purposes of using yard signage include; sale or availability of a property, business promotion, event promotion, expressing an ideology by homeowners, and representing political affiliation.

No matter the purpose of using yard signs, they remain one of the most cost-effective forms of outdoor signage owing to the low-cost materials used to make the signs. However, a well-made sign might be cheap, but they are often very durable and made to withstand different weather conditions.

Different types of yard sign materials are as follows.

1. Corrugated Plastic

It is a type of plastic that is robust, lightweight, and weather-resistant with long material life. If the printing is low quality and only text-based, digital printing on corrugated plastic is viable. In contrast, these signs must be screen printed if you wish to print high-quality images and text.

Typically, these yard signs are installed with H-shaped yard sign stakes.

2. Cardboard Plastic-Coated Signs

They are also known as “Fold-over signs” and are a low-cost solution. On the treated side of the cardboard, the laminate stock is printed. The sign’s edges are stapled or glued together to form a two-sided yard sign. This results in a print that does not show through. The sign is placed into a U-shaped rod sign structure to install in the yard. Because of the material’s rigidity, the frame only has to be two-thirds the length of the sign. They do not, however, withstand the elements as well as corrugated plastic.

3. Polybag Signs

As the name suggests, this kind of yard sign resembles the look of a plastic sleeve that is slipped over U-shaped wires. However, these signs only prove affordable when ordered in bulk quantities but are much easier to store and handle.

Moreover, polybag signs do not bode well against strong winds and may get displaced due to strong winds.

Here are some factors to consider before deciding the size of the signs:

Message and Design

The content must be as concise as possible to be easily readable by the public. As a general rule, keep the text at least two inches tall so that it is visible from even fifty feet away.

Sign Location

The location of the sign depends upon your purpose of putting up the signage. It is best to put the signage on lawns that are in high-traffic areas.


To determine the type of material you need for the yard size, first decide how long you want the sign to be displayed. Large cardboard signs and polybag signs have a hard time withstanding strong winds as compared to corrugated plastic signs.

Traditionally the sizing ranges from 2 inches high and 18 inches wide to 18 inches high and 24 inches wide. However, for celebratory signs such as a happy birthday yard sign or anniversary sign, people often choose bigger sizes or opt for a design that involves multiple signs to be placed together.

The various materials and the sizing for a yard size majorly depend on the purpose of the signage. Choosing the right size and material will help make the signs last for a longer time and help achieve the objectives.