In California, portable restrooms, just like every other public restroom facility, come in different makes and brands. Event planners in California need to know the different options available and the features they offer in order to decide on the most suitable options for the occasion.

Here, we have outlined the most common types of California portable restroom rentals for you to choose from.

California portable restroom


Restroom Trailers

Restroom trailers are the ideal stalls for long events. They are to resemble small mobile buildings and offer multiple private stalls, sinks, mirrors, and sometimes even showers. The structure and designs of this bathroom are usually upscale, and they offer way more comfort to the users than most of the others.

Portable Shower Units

As the name implies, these units are mainly ideal for showers. If you have an event that spans several days, your guests will definitely need a spot to shower.

These bathrooms are a convenient option as they not only provide multiple shower stalls but also come with changing areas and sometimes benches or seating. Portable shower units are commonly used at campsites, outdoor festivals, or in emergency response situations.

Single Stall

These are the most basic and widely used portable restrooms. They typically feature a single toilet and a urinal, along with a lockable door for privacy. They can be found at most outdoor events and on construction sites. They are ideally suited for temporary gatherings with few guests.

Urinal Only Units

As the name implies, these units only provide urinal facilities. They are mostly found at male gatherings, such as sporting events and construction sites. If there were alcohol at that event, then this stall would serve the guests well. If the attendees are mostly male, they can comfortably share multiple units at a go.

Urinal-only units work well in areas that suffer droughts, as they rely on gravity and liquid sealants to eliminate the need for flushing, thereby reducing water consumption.

Wheelchair Accessible Units

Guests with mobility challenges also have to use the restroom. This is why there are specially designed bathrooms that allow them easy access and comfort. These bathrooms follow all the guidelines set by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). 

They have wider doors, larger interiors, ramp entries, support handles, and all-inclusive interior designs. The presence of these bathrooms in your setup shows your guests that you care about the welfare and convenience of everyone involved.

Camping and Hiking Units

If you are unable to carry any of the bathrooms listed above into the woods for your camping experience, you can easily acquire a silicone companion or a luggable toilet. These are some of the most common camp and hiking restrooms. 

They are extremely portable, come with great disposal features, and are tailored to suit your outdoor camping experience.

Final Thoughts

It is important for event planners to learn about the different types of restroom stalls available. The size of the expected crowd and the nature of the occasion are the major determinants of which type of bathroom trailer you should acquire for the event.