Eyelash curlers are frequently overlooked when we talk about a makeup and beauty routine. A beauty and skincare routine demands a long-term commitment.

One of the biggest beauty failures can be using a mascara without curling your lashes. It is why you need a good eyelash curler in your makeup pouch.

We know what you are thinking: do eyelash curlers make a difference? Yeah-they do!

It’s just about understanding the right way to use one.

If you have long eyelashes that are not immediately noticeable, an eyelash curler can raise your lashes and make your eyes look wider and awake. There are different kinds of eyelash curlers available online. Here, we have picked 2 of the best eyelash curlers for those with difficult-to-curl lashes.

• Eye Lash Curler – EC-01

This eyelash curler from premium brand Vega is one of the top choices of every makeup artist. The clamp has incredible tension, so it coils lashes perfectly without any crimp, and in just one pump fans out lash hair. This curler is the perfect choice for wide peepers since it has a longer opening than other eyelash curlers. It is also specially crafted (thanks to its 38-degree arc) for almond-shaped and deep-set eye shapes, so you can effortlessly curl all your lashes in just one squeeze, sans pinching. It comes with a half-rounded curling pad and has a smooth opening and closing action. The ergonomic design provides an easy grip and precise curling. With a Vega Eyelash Curler, give your eyelashes the perfect curl.

• Premium Eyelash Curler – EC-02

This little lash curler’s revolutionary style is precise enough to fan out lashes for the ideal cat-eye. The silicone pad of this eyelash curler offers a bit of a bounce. So, without having to push down too hard, you can get a graceful boost. With the Vega Premium Eyelash Curler, give your eyelashes the perfect curl. The half-rounded curling pad is easy to use, and the ergonomic design provides an easy grip.

You can buy eyelash curlers online as well as offline. Follow our easy step by step guide on how to use an eyelash curler to get luscious lashes in a matter of minutes.

1. The first step is to understand how to hold an eyelash curler. You can hold it normally like how you hold a pair of scissors.
2. Fully open the curler and bring it to the upper lashes, ensuring the strip hits the eyelashes’ root. Check to see if the curler has all the lashes inside it. Place the instrument upright so that the curve faces out.
3. With a gentle, pulsing grip, close the curler carefully on the lashes and pinch lightly.
4. Turn the curler upwards now so that the curler’s curve meets the curve of the crease of your eyelid. That’s a pro secret. Instead of a crimp effect, it will give you curls.
5. After this, squeeze the eyelash curler and keep it in place without blinking for several seconds.
6. Move the curler up from the root of the eyelashes to the tip, pushing and pulsing over the eyelash with the same intensity until you hit the end.
7. Place two of your fingers under your lashes to add the final oomph to the curl. Pull and follow the curl of your lashes around with them to keep the curl in place.

Lovely long eyelashes will make your eyes look more noticeable and stunning. Curling and properly taking care of your lashes will help make mascara last longer, avoid unnecessary clumping, and make it easier to apply false lashes. You can buy an eyelash curler online from premium brands like Vega. They have affordable eyelash curlers to make you look like the diva you are!