Though not solely known for their watchmaking, it would be foolhardy to say that Casio is not an expert in their craft. Having been in operation since 1946, the brand’s various watch lines are well-known for their sturdiness and function. That said, even among Casio’s famous lines such as its G-Shock line, is a product batch so esteemed that it would not be far off to say that it is undoubtedly Casio’s best; the Oceanus. With this in mind, here are the top five Casio Oceanus Watches to keep an eye out for.


Climber Line Smart Access OCW-S100-1AJF

If there is anything that marks the Casio Oceanus line, it is the fact that all models have three common characteristics:

  1. Analogue Dial
  2. Five-Motor Drive
  3. Multiband

The analog dials keep a classic sense of timekeeping to their watches, while the five-motor drive means that five internal motors run independently to power each watch’s various functions such as time, date, and stopwatch. The multiband feature, on the other hand, is the flagship feature of all these models as every one of them is equipped with radio technology that fetches signals from around the world to maintain accurate timekeeping.

With that, the Casio Oceanus Climber Line Smart Access OCW-S100-1AJF carries all these aforementioned traits, all cased inside a sleek titanium casing and finished with a steel bracelet. Sporting a gorgeous black dial with blue luminous hour markers and glowing hands, this beauty also comes packed with additional functions. Such as perpetual calendar and date and solar quartz caliber 5232 movement, allowing for quality timekeeping as well as large power reserves. Classy yet highly functional, this model is a looker regardless of your wardrobe.

OCW-S5000 Super Slim High-Spec Chronograph

One of Casio’s lighter watches in its Oceanus Lineup, the OCW-S5000 Super Slim High-Spec Chronograph is simply a marvel to behold. Being only 9.5mm thick without compromising durability and functionality, this timepiece features an array of innovations such as an advanced time-correction system, a perpetual calendar, and even a power reserve indicator. Due to its multiband trait, just like other models, you can be sure that the timekeeping on this watch is as accurate as can be. Beautiful and lightweight, only 200 pieces of this model were ever produced making this a truly unique and rare find.

Oceanus Manta OCW-S3400B-1AJF

For the watch collector looking to add a little darkness to their collection, the OCW-S3400B-1AJF is the perfect timepiece. With a black titanium case and strap, this product oozes beauty as its black dial complements the blue-accented chapter ring and subdials. In contrast to this, the silver applied indexes of the watch allow for maximum legibility, especially in terms of the roman numeral at 12 o’clock. Comfortable to wear yet filled with various functions such as different timezone markers, date markers, and a daylight savings tracker, the OCW-S3400B-1AJF is perfect for the seasoned globe-trotter and dress-up fashionista alike.

Oceanus Manta Radio Solar Smartphone Link OCW-S400F-7AJF

The Oceanus Manta Radio Solar Smartphone Link OCW-S400F-7AJF is easily one of Casio’s most powerful wristwatches. Sporting a color scheme reminiscent of ocean colors, its white dial alongside its white and blue indices evoke a light and dreamy vibe. While the aesthetics of its dial and three subdials alone certainly makes for an exquisite timepiece, the seemingly simple outward experience deceptively hides the watch’s groundbreaking features. Containing a solar charging system, a radio reception function, and a tachymeter compressed into a 100m water-resistant device, the Oceanus Manta Radio Solar Smartphone Link OCW-S400F-7AJF is a must-have for both adventure seekers and timepiece collectors everywhere.

Oceanus OCW-S5000E-1AJF

Given just how well-made the Oceanus line is, it should come as no surprise that the OCW-S5000E-1AJF lives up to its family’s name if not exceeds its product line’s already famous reputation. Like most of the Oceanus line, this timepiece is cased in titanium and carries the signature functions of the esteemed timepiece line. This watch is so full of features that it is surprising that it all fits in such a lightweight model. Some of the said features include advanced time-correction, daylight saving time, and even the ability to connect to your smartphone through its application that displays information such as a graphical display of solar power generation, and world-time for over 300 cities in the world. Sleek, stylish yet powerful, the OCW-S5000E-1AJF is a must-have for the watch enthusiast and the traveler alike.

Pick The Casio That Suits You!

With design competence and durability that rivals that of Swiss makers, it comes as no surprise that the Casio Oceanus line is so sought after. A true combination of function and form, Casio Oceanus timepieces are definite must-haves for any collector and traveler. Though not regularly available outside of Japan, you can order Casio Oceanus watches online through WatchShopping. Do you think one of their other models belongs to the list? Let us know!