Of course men can wear headbands too!

Companies such as Hoorag headbands have revolutionised headbands, making them accessible to millions of male outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world.

While we’ve highlighted the top five ways men can wear headbands below, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re wearing it the wrong way.

There is no right or wrong way to wear a headband, only your way!


  • Classic headband

Simple is often best and our number one way for men to wear headbands is tied into a thin strip, then wrapped around their forehead.

This is our absolute favourite way for men to wear a headband.

A style that is perfect for athletes, allowing you to keep your hair out of your eyes, but allowing the heat to escape from the top of your head as you play.

Look for headbands that are lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking and have some give in them for when the pressure is on.

  • Hair bandana

Wearing your headband as a bandana that covers your entire skull is another great way that men can rock a headband.

Tie your headband around your forehead, but this time let the top unfurl and wrap your hair inside before tucking the loose fabric into the back.

The hair bandana style is highly flexible, allowing you to leave your hair as loose or tight as you like it, before finally tying the top.

  • Face mask

One of the cool things about headbands is their versatility as they don’t actually have to be worn on top of your head at all.

Tie your headband around the back of your head, but instead of leaving it on top, pull it down to cover your mouth as a makeshift face mask.

This headband style is increasingly handy for day to day as mask mandates continue to be enforced nationwide during the coronavirus pandemic.

Not only will this style prevent the spread of viruses, but also protect your mouth and nose from general dust, dirt and pollutants.


  • Neck gaiter

Another flexible way to wear your headband is to tie it up and wear it as a neck gaiter or buff.

This style is perfect for when you find yourself outside during the winter months or simply on one of those harshly cold workouts or match-day evenings.

Wearing your headband as a neck gaiter will keep you warm, while looking damn stylish for the crowd.

  •  Biker bandana

The final style on our list is to pull your headband back down onto your face and wear it as a highly functional biker bandana.

If you’re tired of grit and dirt getting in your face or your hair flying uncontrollably in the wind, wrap a specialist biker bandana around your face before you hit the road.

Alternatively, wear your biker bandana as an extra layer under your helmet, or as a headband to keep the sweat and hair out of your eyes.

But as always, perhaps the most important note is: you do you. There’s no right or wrong way to wear a headband – all that matters is your comfort and enjoyment!