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Clannish Launches High-end Fashion Stores

So have you checked Cavalli Class Egypt? Did you believe the Hype? Or did you help raising the German flagship of Campione? If you didn’t see any of these openings you are extremely missing the trendiest PR agency in town “Clannish”.

The agency was founded in 2016 by PR talented experts Musbah & the guy with Turkish roots Tolba. They both started and continue working as a luxury PR business with awesome business development skills.

They previously worked after graduating; Musbah from BUE & Tolba from CIC, with one of the biggest names in marketing business in town. That reflected as you can see on their success in their past & new events.

So if you are a brand/ business owner and looking to introduce your business to the world with creativity, I strongly recommend “Clannish” your next PR destination!

Here are some of their Portfolio:

Hype: luxury multi brand store offering a variety of styles from Missoni to Balmain and many more interesting designers at City Stars.

Cavalli Class: one of the Cavalli brand lines featuring classic/ formal wear at City Stars

Campione: Men wear store with elegant and chic identity At CFC

Clannish Instagram: @clannisheg

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