A lot of people make baseless insinuations that elevator shoes do not support the ankle. This is untrue and we think the reason for this misconception is because of the sight of women falling in heels. One thing we need to understand is that elevator shoes and heels are not in any way the same. The only similarity between these shoes is that they increase the height of the wearer.

However, in terms of how both are built, they do not look alike. First, elevator shoes have even soles that can take the weight of any man. Heels on the other hand mostly have tiny spikes on their sole that is meant to hold the weight of a woman.

Under normal circumstances, these cannot provide adequate support for women which is why you’ll see them walking in them with utmost care.

Now back to elevator shoes. Traditionally, elevator shoes are made to hold their ground under any type of weight. In light of this, you will not find wearers of these types of shoes falling or tumbling because of the shoe.

Moreover, the reason for this is that elevator shoes are made to increase height naturally. And, to achieve this, no part of the feet including the ankles should be at discomfort.

Again, when you compare this with heels, you will find that the ankles are naturally at a disadvantage for women wearing heels.

elevator shoes for men

Lest we forget, most of the heights you gain from using elevator shoes are from the paddings or insoles in the shoe. Besides, with the way the makers of elevator shoes designed the insoles, they are built for maximum comfort.

Not only that, but it is also made for the entire length of the foot. Because of this, you won’t find yourself wobbling in your pair of shoes. Again, elevator shoes do not only support the ankles alone, but it also supports the heels, arch and even the toes too.

How To Improve The Support You Get From Elevator Shoes

Like we have mentioned; elevator shoes are naturally meant to support all parts of the feet but below are ways to ensure that they are more comfortable.

Buy Elevator Shoes With Wider Heels

When you buy elevator shoes with a wider heel, the heel of your feet will have more room to breathe. Because of this, you will become more comfortable when you walk in your shoes.

Practice Good Posture

Ensure you stand and walk straight while wearing any type of shoes including elevator shoes. This is because a large number of feet problems tend to happen because of people walking badly in their shoes. If you avoid slouching or bending while walking in your elevator shoes, your feet will not only be supported, you will also mitigate the risk of injuries too.


After successfully trashing the ‘myth’ about elevator shoes not supporting the ankles, we hope you are ready to invest in one. Remember; whatever your taste of shoes is; there is always an elevator shoe for men to suit your taste.