It’s not easy to spot a trendy, stylish, fashionable guy that’s why we are helping you to find them by bringing the latest tips of whom to follow this season on Instagram, to inspire you of how to wear and get a unique style…….

These fashionistas of the season who are straight to the point which is why you should follow :

1: Khalil Zien ” Personal Shopper & Stylist “

Khalil worked with Haifa Wehbe and many of the Arab stars which you can see his style reflected on their elegant catchy outfits.

2: Mostafa Waheed Fekry ” Lifestyle Influencer “

Mixing patterns is a talent which is why the most fashionable patterned guy giving us the latest tips of how to wear, eat & travel but also we appreciate his help as #OOTD’s are hard to capture daily in Cairo….don’t you guys think so ?!

3: Tarek Elsaifi ” Beymen Fashion Buyer “

The man behind every single piece of cloth we buy, we consider him as our picking director for bringing us the latest international designer collections at BEYMEN to follow the trend and stay fashionable.

4: Yusuf Dwairi ” Model “

As simple as you can imagine you will find Yusuf dressed up in, also working out is part of the outfit which can go Matchy Matchy with whatever style he chooses.

5: Abdul-Aziz Ahmed Sharif ” Fashion Blogger “

Raising stars who are not only actors & young tycoons but sometimes it’s about fashion…..You can find all what you are looking for to wear as a student by the only Abdulaziz !

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