Kanchipuram silk sarees are one of the best quality silk sarees available in India. Now, you can buy Kanchipuram saree online easily. They are not just wonderful and dazzling; they are additionally pricey. There is a wide range of silk sarees being sold in shops and online portals.

Most people don’t have a proper idea about how to identify the pure Kanchipuram saree. There’s nothing to worry about because it is normal, and mostly only experts can recognize the original saree in one glance.

This content can assist you with confirming the pureness of the material of a Kanchipuram silk saree. However, before that, you need to know about the saree in detail.

Kanchipuram Silk Saree

● What is a Kanchipuram silk saree?

Kanchipuram is in Tamil Nadu, a small town located close to Chennai in the southern part of India. It is renowned everywhere in the world for its extraordinary silk sarees called Kanchipuram saree. In recent years the price of Kanchipuram silk sarees has increased a lot, but still, people love to buy Kanchipuram sarees online because of their quality and beautiful designs. It can make one look gorgeous in any special event.

● How can you identify the pure and best Kanchipuram saree?

1. Fire test to distinguish Kanchipuram silk saree –

At first, you need to take a couple of strings out from the saree and light a match stick to burn those strings entirely towards the finish of the strings. When the fire goes off, you will discover a chunk that is left.

This chunk or ball is probably going to smell like hair. If you notice that smell, then be sure that the saree has been made with faux silk material. You won’t get any smell of burnt hair if the original silk thread is used to make the saree.

2. Zari factors related to price

Kanchipuram sarees generally have a differentiating zari line. It is natural that the fake zari will have a lower price than the original one. Original zari is made with gold, whereas fake zari is made using copper or silver.

So, the price of the saree naturally goes down because of the less expensive in the making. Therefore, the pocket-friendly price could be attractive, but verification is needed before buying.

You can tell the difference between an original zari saree and a zari saree which is fake by simply looking for the presence of copper. You need to watch the shade of the zari work in the saree carefully. They make sarees with fake zari, and those are sold for a reasonable price to attract people interested in buying Kanchipuram saree on a tight budget.

3. Zari test to distinguish the originality of Kanchipuram silk saree

You have to keep in mind that the original zari is made by using a red-colored silk string, and it is contorted with a silver string. The thread is dunked into a solution made from 22-carat gold. They don’t use gold in a fake zari saree, and if you know how to look for the difference, you will surely be able to identify the difference.
Now, you know how to identify the Kanchipuram saree, you can buy Kanchipuram saree online easily. Kanchipuram silk is one of the best silks in the world. So, if you still don’t have one, you can consider buying it for the next occasion. Usually, this type of silk sarees suits everyone and makes them look beautiful.