Midi dresses are very functional and easy to wear, and in this post, we want to show you several outfits that we have put together with midi dresses. that support this statement, so that you have a clear idea of ​​what we mean and can consider them if you have not already included them in your wardrobe.

For those who are not familiar with the term midi dress, we clarify that it is simply a dress with a medium length -which can go from the knees to the calves. Its design and materials can be very varied and can be adjusted to all tastes, hence the fact that once you find the style or silhouette of the midi dress with which you feel comfortable, the truth is that they are very easy.

To carry personally, we prefer midi dresses that have definition in the waist area and flare out below; but as we say, there are for all tastes.

Midi Dresses

Midi dresses in summer looks

Putting together a summer look from an off-the-shoulder asymmetrical top is as easy as choosing a dress in a cool fabric, and adding shoes that are suitable for the weather and the activity for which we are going to use them. Depending on the case, these shoes could be flat sandals, tennis shoes, ballerinas, or a high-heeled option, as I show you in the following images.

During the summer we could use one of these outfits with a midi dress to go shopping on a daily basis, for a coffee or bar outing, for a family lunch… the truth is that depending on how we combine them, they can be adjusted to everything! kind of activities.

Midi dress in looks for cold and/or rainy days

On the other hand, adopting a midi dress to look for a cold and/or rainy day is as simple as changing the shoes that we would wear on a summer day, for ankle boots or boots that protect us from the rain or cold; in addition to adding a biker jacket, blazer or even a padded jacket -depending on the cold.

The first two outfits that we show you below which are also in the examples of summer looks that we shared with you above, perfectly exemplify how functional midi dresses can be, by being able to adapt them to warmer looks without feeling uncomfortable; something that does not happen with long dresses which get very wet if it rains, nor with short dresses with which it would be colder when the legs are bare.

We think that with this summary post where we show you look so different from each other and in which we are wearing midi dresses of varied designs, the versatility and functionality behind this type of dress are evidenced.

You already know that our intention is always to lead us to more responsible consumption, where the clothes we buy are clothes that we are really going to use many times. In that sense, midi dresses are a great option.

How to wear midi dresses to look amazing if you are short

Midi dresses are those garments with which you will look incredible this summer and here we have the best fashion tips for you to add them to your looks.

Midi Dresses

With summer just around the corner, we often think that the only thing we can wear these days are asymmetrical cutout top, mini bikinis, denim shorts, or white pants; but one of the trends that always comes back to give us a dose of style is midi dresses.

Midi dresses are garments that tall women can wear without any problem, but when we want to bring this type of piece to petite women, many of them fear that these dresses are not an ally of style for them for fear that the fabric is somewhat cumbersome to create a winning look.

Although midi dresses can be a garment that petite women avoid for fear of getting trapped in meters and meters of fabric, there are fashion tips that you can implement so that these dresses are your best style ally. So, take note, because here we will tell you how to wear a midi dress to the highest level.

Exceed the extension of the dress

It’s important to remember that midi dresses are so flattering for petite girls because they end before the heels, below the knees. That brief space of skin between the garment and the shoe can lengthen the figure. There are also cases where the midi dress can be a bit long, so we recommend you go to your tailor to adjust this dress to your height.

Play with textures and fabric

Asymmetrical long sleeve top offer fashion lovers the possibility of playing with textures to create incredible looks. You can find this type of dress made of satin, and knitted fabric, and some of them are in line with this season’s trends making the perfect match. with your wardrobe.

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