Aside from the warmer and sunnier weather, most people look forward to summer to finally hide their heavy boots and start wearing comfortable footwear again. During this season, you can wear some nice sandals while touring the cities or heading out to the beach.

But choosing the best pair of sandals can be tricky since there are plenty of styles available in the market. Some are strappy, while others come in lacy materials. Other types of sandals are flat, while others have kitten heels or in wedges. Some people even check out Birkenstocks Bstore to find and own a comfortable pair of footwear. If you want to wear the most comfortable pair of sandals this summer, here are some crucial tips.

Think about Your Lifestyle

If you want to buy a new pair of sandals, you need to consider where you plan to wear them most of the time. Those who wish to buy shoes that combine style and comfort can head to Birkenstocks Bstore and see if they can find something that suits their style. Others can choose trekking or hiking sandals if they plan to spend more time in rough terrains outdoors.

Another type of sandals that you can choose from is rubber sandals, which are very comfortable and easy to clean, especially if you plan to wear it to the beach. For more formal occasions, you can opt to get a pair of tiptoe sandals or match your evening dresses with metallic sandals to complete your look.

Consider How Much Protection You Will Need for Your Feet

Aside from considering the types of activities that you plan to do and the places you plan to go to, you also have to find the right kind of protection for your feet. If you intend to spend a lot of time hiking in rocky areas, you might want to get a pair of rugged sandals with toe protection and have enough coverage to protect your feet from harsh elements. You may also want to look for a pair that has waterproof protection if you have plans to go to the beach.

Look for a Pair That Has Good Arch Support

Most shoppers would look for a pair of footwear with adequate arch support when buying running shoes, but this factor is also essential when buying sandals. Shoes with excellent arch support can help maintain good foot health. It can also provide much-needed relief, especially if you need to wear a pair of sandals for a long time. If your footwear has excellent arch support, you will take a lot of pressure off your feet.

Find the Right Size

When buying any footwear, selecting the right size is very important to give you the best comfort. As much as possible, you must also keep a small space at the tip of the footbed. It will prevent your heel from hanging off at the edge of the sandals. It’s also essential to have a wide toe-box area enough for the fullest part of your feet. Leaving some space in the shoe also has an advantage since the feet usually swell up during the summer.


After considering all of these factors, you will no longer have any difficulty when buying a new pair of sandals. Always go for something comfortable without sacrificing style and function. By wearing the comfiest and most relaxing pair of footwear, you can go to any place without straining your feet.