Summer weekends are full of party schedules! Believe it or not Men actually care for what they wear just like women and more to impress their girls or chill with their friends in style when the Summer Party is ON!

Colors are very in and cool for the summer but also stripes, prints & fun faces are the trendy pieces of the season.

When packing you must make sure you have a various selection of light shirts, colorful t-shirts that can go for beach or parties as well not only but also the ripped denims and shorts are a must!!!

Accessories are very important where you have to have a very stylish backpack to carry all the stuff easily from sunglasses, perfume & a head wear. Select a different colors of shoes selection as it can be worn on the pool parties or outings it doesn’t matter but keep it colorful and goes matchy matchy with all the other pieces.

Hurry summer pass by just like air so shop and style before it’s too late.