At some point, most men will think about growing a beard.

Maybe it’s after a bad breakup, or to build confidence or maybe you just like how your face looks with a bit of facial hair.

Whatever your reason, a well-groomed beard is always in style.

Now that you’ve taken the time and effort to grow out your beard, the next step is learning how to groom it like a pro. Groom your beard with the best Beard Grooming tools at Void Homme.

Here are 10 grooming tips for men with beards.

Practice Patience

Growing in a beard takes time and patience and you’ll want to carry those qualities into your beard grooming routine.

You might get an itch to want to overgroom, like washing daily or changing the shape or style of your beard or experimenting with every product you can find.

Self-restraint will be your best friend in the beards-growing and grooming process.

Invest In Quality Tools

One of the most important aspects of beard care is investing in the right tools to properly maintain your beard.

While there are a variety of tools out there for beard grooming, all you need are a few, quality tools for your daily maintenance routine. Most beard grooming kits on the market will include all the important ones.

Those tools are:

• Hairdryer: use heat to achieve your shape and cool to lock it in.

• Round Brush: creates volume, shape, and dimension while maintaining natural curls and waves.

• Boar Bristle Brush: increases circulation, tames frizz and flyaways, distributes natural oils and, as a bonus, exfoliates the skin.

• Comb: eliminates tangles and knots while styling your beard.

• Scissors, Clippers and/or Beard Trimmer: important for trimming and shaping your beard.
Learning how to use these tools properly will only make your beard-grooming efforts even more effective.

Wash and Condition Your Beard Regularly

Washing your beard is important because it surrounds your mouth and tends to absorb the smells (and sometimes more!) of everything you eat and drink.

A beard that is not washed regularly also tends to itch due to the trapped skin cells that would normally shed.

To wash your beard:

• Use a mild beard wash or a dual face/beard cleanser so you can clean without removing the natural oils from your beard.

• Use your fingers to massage the cleanser into your beard and the skin beneath.

• Massage in all directions to make sure you are getting a deep clean.

• Rinse with warm water to open the follicles and increase circulation.

• Pat dry before conditioning and styling.

While you need to wash your beard regularly, washing too often will dry out your hair.

Experiment with wash days until you find a washing schedule that works best for you.

Use Beard Oil

Beard oil is a dual face and beard moisturizer, designed to keep your beard soft, smooth and shiny.

It is typically made up of a blend of essential oil and carrier oils and has a natural scent that doubles as a light cologne.


Beard oil is effective because it mimics sebum, the moisturizing oil produced by your skin, and restores moisture to both your beard and your skin.

Not only does beard oil keep your skin and beard soft and moisturized, but it also tames frizzy hair and treats dandruff.

Tip: get even better results by learning how to use beard oil the proper way.

Use Beard Balm

Beard balm is a leave-in conditioner and styling agent for your beard.

It is typically made up of shea butter, light and moisturizing oil and a natural wax to give it a thicker and stiffer consistency.

Beard balm seals in moisture while helping keep stray hairs in place.

You can use beard balm the same way you would use any leave-in conditioner, apply after moisturizing and style.

Always remember, a little goes a long way with beard balm.

Detangle Daily

An essential step in grooming your beard is to detangle the hair, especially if you have a longer beard.

You’ll want to comb out any tangles and knots and make sure you don’t have the beard version of bedhead.

You will also have the added benefit of a full volume, flowing beard.

Train Your Beard

Did you know you can straighten a curly beard?

Or train your beard hairs to grow in the same direction?

This is called beard training and it’s done by using a hard bristle brush to brush your hair in the same direction daily.

You can use beard oil or beard way to help the process of training the hair to stay put.

Brushing downward will not only train the hair, but it also promotes length.

Keep It Trimmed

You’ll need to trim your beard regularly to maintain its health, thickness, style and shape grooming.

When trimming your beard:

• Brush your hair in one direction and trim any hairs that stick out.

• Follow the natural contour of your face.

• Avoid trimming too high on your neckline.

• Use landmarks (like your ears and cheeks) to make sure your trim is even on both sides.

• Touch up around your nostrils and lips.

• Never trim a wet beard. Wet hair lengthens and you may trim more than you realize.

Tip: trimming a beard can be difficult so if you are unsure you can keep your shape, visit a professional barber.

Follow A Maintenance Routine

Overall, beard grooming beards involves a regular maintenance routine.

Your routine doesn’t need to be time-consuming or product heavy but it does need to be a set of steps you follow to make sure your beard is looking as good as possible.

If you are finding your routine is a bit overwhelming, consider a different style of beard or possibly a shorter length.

Your beard should fit into your lifestyle and not the other way around.

Eat A Healthy Diet

You may ask, what does eating healthy have to do with grooming my beard?

More than you think!

The health of your hair, including beard hair, is directly related to what you are putting in your body.

Lean proteins, healthy fats, certain vitamins, antioxidants, spices, green veggies, and beta-carotene promote thick, shiny, strong and healthy hair.

To ensure your beard is in tip-top shape, introduce a variety of healthy foods into your diet.

Grooming Tips For Men With Beards: The Bottom Line

By following these grooming tips for men with beards, you will be well on your way to maintaining a stylish, healthy and impressive-looking beard.

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