Kurtas have a high name in the ethnic fashion game and are an essential staple that is found in every men’s closet. But wearing a stylish kurta for men is not all; one should also know how to wear it right. Kurtas not only makes you look different from your daily boring attire, but it makes you look sassy and classy while staying connected to your Indian traditional roots. Here are a few tips that you can follow to look well-proportioned and attractive while wearing a stylish kurta for men:

Go for short length kurtas

Long-length kurtas are a top pick amongst men but consider picking shorter length kurtas over the long ones for a classier and stylish look. Kurtas that extend till your knees are always a better option than kurtas that goes beyond the knees because short-length kurtas camouflage your actual height and make you appear taller than your actual height. On the contrary, long-length kurtas cause your legs to appear smaller.

Pick on narrow collars

Narrow collars can also significantly affect your overall looks and make you look more stylish and well-groomed. Narrow collars not only make you look sassy and handsome but also make your shoulders appear broader, enhancing the manly quotient in your dressing sense. Also, if you are picking on kurtas with high neck collars, make sure that their width is short and do not tend to cover all of your neck exposure. A little bit of neck should be visible even while wearing a high neck collar kurta so that you can flaunt your stylish side.

Short jackets

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If you plan to pair up your kurta with a smart jacket, then make sure that you pick up a short length jacket. Pick on jackets in contrast with the color of your kurta and ensure that it stays above your butts and does not explicit a baggy look. Short jackets again enhance your height and make you appear taller and smart.

Magic of pointed shoes

There are many types of footwear that you can pick to pair up with your favorite color kurta. Ranging from mojris to sandals, flip flops, and shoes, you can choose amongst any of them, but pointed shoes have their own charm to display when you couple it up with your stylish kurta for men. Pointed shoes give your feet and legs a narrower look and highlight your ankles.

Stay away from too much embroidery

Until and unless you are getting married or have to attend a close family function wherein you have to wear sherwanis and such outfits, try to stay away from embroidery. There is nothing wrong in wearing embroidery and zari work Kurtis but staying away from it and opting for small prints and lesser embroidery and zari is altogether another game that makes you look more decent and charming. One can also consider going in for vertical stripes if not plain Kurtis.

Well fitted attire

There is nothing better than wearing a well-fitted kurta. Your kurtas should always be of your size. It should neither be baggy enough to make you look clumsy nor should it be so tight to make you feel uncomfortable. It should be exactly designed for your body. Consider looking for slim fit kurtas so t

Short height- no to churidars

Churidars are the age-old ethnic combination that is worn with a kurta for ages. Most of the men still prefer wearing the same combination till now despite the wide range of other bottoms alternatives. However, there is nothing wrong with continuing with the kurta churidar combo, but it is a total no-no for people with short height. Wearing a kurta and churidar combo can steal away the actual height of short heightened men and make them appear shorter. Hence, such men can try tapered pajamas or anything extending only up to the ankles and not below the ankle length.

Contrast colors should be avoided

Though it is perfectly fine to play with colors and contrasts when it comes to kurtas for women, the same does not stand the same when you talk about men. Consider staying with two colors at a time when you buy a kurta pajama set. Sticking to a single shade can help you keep at bay from making fashion blunders and avoid color block rules. Also, dressing up in a monochromatic look is one of the best alternatives that you can consider wearing while rocking that kurta pajama look.


Wearing a kurta might haunt your mind with many thoughts as to how to wear it, what to wear, the style to choose, and a lot many other things. But with these tips, you can definitely present your stylish kurta for men exquisitely. So what are you waiting for? Now since you know a few essential styling tips, make sure you rock your looks when you walk out wearing this traditional attire.