When it comes to accessories, leather has always been the epitome of class. There’s something about the richness of the color and the integrity of the texture that makes a handbag or wallet seem stylish. You’re hardly alone if you think carrying such an accessory makes you become an even more beautiful version of yourself. For many women, a leather bag gives them a sense of style and power.

Unfortunately, traditional leather comes at a cost: the life of an animal. If you’re not comfortable with animal death and suffering, you can hardly carry a leather purse with a clean conscience. The good news is that there are plenty of vegan leather options available to consumers. That means you can enjoy all the style and pizzazz of leather accessories without contributing to animal cruelty.

Not all vegan leather products are made equal. Some do a much better job than others at recreating the bold color and texture of traditional leather. Before purchasing a vegan leather bag, you’re going to want to do a little bit of homework.

The market’s full of vegan leather products, but these five options are among the best handbags available. With one of these gorgeous bags over your shoulder, you’ll look fantastic while feeling great about your contribution to creating a kinder, gentler world.

The Quilted Mini Duffle From Hozen

Hozen prides itself on its ethical production model. Not only are no animals harmed in the creation of the bags, but the company also uses decently treated, Los Angeles-based artisans. This means your purchase will help people without harming animals. The bags themselves are absolutely stunning. There’s something about the unique cylindrical shape that sets this product apart from all its competitors. The two leather straps allow you to hold it in your hand or throw it over your shoulder, and the caramel color goes well with almost any outfit. For a faux leather handbag with a unique aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with Hozen’s Quilted Mini Duffle.

The Luncher From Modern Picnic


As its name suggests, this stylish product is much more than a mere handbag. While it looks as sleek and graceful as a traditional purse, the insulating material makes it the perfect carrier for sandwiches, leftovers, or whatever else you might take with you for your midday meal. There’s no better way to bring a delicious lunch to work and look great doing it. The vegan leather exterior oozes class, and the variety of color options ensures you’ll find a bag that matches your wardrobe. By perfectly combining the grace of a handbag and the practicality of a lunchbox, Modern Picnic’s Luncher represents a working woman’s dream come true.

Belt Bags From HSF Collective

HSF Collective takes multiple approaches towards making the world a better place. The vegan production of the company’s collection helps limit animal suffering, and the diminutive nature of the brand’s signature product encourages people to be happy with less. You might not be able to fit much into the wallet-sized Belt Bag, but you’ll enjoy the ease and freedom of hands-free outings. Big enough only for essentials like keys and cash, this bag will stick snugly to your hip, allowing the rest of your body to flow effortlessly with the world around you.

Zuri Black Vegan Backpack From LaBante London

While backpacks are often chosen for practicality rather than style, this product serves as a useful reminder that practical options can always be fashionable, too. This rich black color pairs well with many contemporary outfits, and the sleekness of the material creates a cool, modern aesthetic. Wearable as a backpack and a shoulder bag, the product’s flexibility makes it easy to shift a heavy load during your commute. The interior is also made from recycled plastic bottles, making the product an ethical option across the board.

MAIA Vegan Satchel From Matt & Nat

There’s something about the sheer front flap of this stylish bag that evokes the majestic simplicity of a classic briefcase. The MAIA Vegan Satchel is refreshingly free of attention-seeking gimmicks and garish trappings. There’s a quiet classiness behind such an understated design, and you’ll find the bag gives your standard outfits a significant boost.