So obviously winter is the season that everyone waits the whole year to get dressed up in the most elegant & chic way they can. But also winter runway fashion is extremely expensive.

So here is the deal why don’t we take a few minutes drawing lovely locations & styles in our heads and see how winter takes us with its own private jet <3

Winter on a Private Jet Collection

Winter fashion is all about dark colors & decent chic pieces. It’s not just a t-shirt you put and hang out. No, there are so many pieces to put together and show the world your real style without even speaking.

Coats & jackets are a must so pick them well to match as much styles in your wardrobe & make it an investment piece.

Not only but also shoes & accessories that’s the real men style and also reflects your gentleman personality through lovely Italian leather or shall we say new Cartier!

Matching colors is really important through this long season as you wear so many pieces everyday so pick basic colors and less prints to match them easily and make it effortless chic.