When it comes to parenting, a father is considered the second-best. Stereotypes describe fathers as emotionally disconnected beings who aren’t as important to their kids as mothers. Furthermore, fathers often face ridicule for things like expressing their interest in taking paternity leave or admitting that they change diapers of their little one.

But, childcare has nothing to do with gender! While a mother’s love is incomparable, having an active, caring father plays a crucial in the overall development of a child. So, below are a few tips and guidelines on how to be the best dad around.


Respect And Love Your Kid’s Mother

As a father, one of the best things you can do for your child is to love and respect his mother. Take time to work on your relationship; keep it strong and healthy. It is equally important for a mother, though.

Let your children know that their father and mother respect each other; it will provide them with a secure environment. When they see you respect each other, they will also feel accepted, loved, and respected.

Show Up At Their School Or Childcare Facility

Volunteering at their school or showing up at their school means you care, and you are interested in what’s going on in your kid’s life. While it can be a bit difficult to be on the same page as the teachers, you can teach them a lot of things.

Get involved at your child’s school by attending the important days of the year, like Fathers’ Day. Is your child too young to go to childcare? Well, it’s better to prepare beforehand.

Whether you want a family daycare or in-home care, prepare a list of the childcare centers.

If possible, try to visit these centers to get a sense of how the staff interacts with the children.

Approved childcare providers like Macquarie fields childcare formulate the curriculum carefully and help improve a child’s learning experience.

Spare Some Time For Your Children Everyday

Well, it is more difficult than it sounds. But, how you spend time tells your kid what’s important to you. If you are always busy with your children, they may feel neglected no matter how many toys you buy for them or what you say.


So, treasure your kids without sacrificing other things. Remember, your kid is growing faster. If you miss an opportunity, it is lost forever. Be a source of love and encouragement for your child; they will grow up happy and healthy.

Keep A Balance Between Discipline And Love

Undoubtedly, children need discipline, but not as a punishment. Discipline is necessary to set their limits. Talk to your children about the possible results of their actions. Reward them for good, desirable behavior. If you discipline your kid in a calm manner, it shows your love.

Eat Together

Sharing breakfast, lunch, or dinner is an essential part of healthy family life. It provides the child with a chance to talk about what they are doing or what they want to do. Moreover, it is also a good time for a dad to listen to his kids. On top of it, it is a time for families to spend quality time together.

Wrapping Up

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Fathers are an important part of children’s lives even after they have grown, married, or built their own families. Even after leaving home, children will look to their super dads for advice and wisdom. However, the ways mentioned above can help you become a better dad and contribute to child development when your child is still small.